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Associated Press

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Government Takes Land for Open Space

Hidden Value in Old Tailings

New Mining Regulations in Maine

Comstock Mining Gets Approval

Death Valley Find is Apparent Hoax

Mining Ends in Leadville

Mine Woes Could Mean Higher Taxes

Exchange Moves to Protect Investors from Mining Scams

Roads Protecting Grizzlies Reopen

Dollar Must Slip for Gold to Rise

Feds Eye Restrictions on AZ Archaeological Sites

IMF Reconsidering Gold Sales to Finance Debt

Governors Focus on Aid for Laid-off Miners

Nevada Counties, Towns Get Forest Service Grants

Labor Dept. Approves Aid to Laid-off Nevada Miners

ISEE Celebrates 25 Years

Washington Miner Wins Poetry Contest

Partner Withdraws from Pebble Project

Collector Reaches New Lows to Find Bottles

12-Year-Old Unearths Large Diamond

Carissa Gold Mine Comes Back to Life

Cripple Creek Gold Mine Exceeding Expectations

Carrizozo Lava Older Than Once Thought

Montana Mining Association Raising Cash

Mining Battle Case Under Advisement

Sutro Tunnel a Big Draw

Another Gold Heist Reported at Nome

No Need to Rewrite Mining Regs, NAS Study Confirms

Asarco Accepts Phelps Dodge Buyout

Once Lonely, Mojave Desert Phone Now World's Companion

Judge Blocks Road Protest

Company to Sue Over Stymied Gold Mine

Foreigners Lure Mining Partners

Pacific Island Gov'ts Focus on Undersea Mining

Options Narrowed for Managing Chugach National Forest

New Quarry Regulations in West Virginia

Ash Fork Calm After Explosives Theft

Visionaries, Scoundrels, and Gamblers

Executive Defends Special Mill Site Exemption

Chasing the Ghosts of Forty-Niners

Washoe County Balks at Black Rock Desert Plan

State's Only Gold Mine Processes Last Precious Ore

Group Sues Feds Over New Nat'l Monuments

Tribe Joins Idaho in Roadless Suit

10,000 Shovels Back Protest

Wyoming Tops in Royalties

Treasures for Sale

"Gold" Coin Debuts

Trout Thriving In Treated Mine Water

Copper Mine Opening in Utah

Future of Mining in Bolivia Uncertain

For a Few Specks of Gold

Miners Rescued After Two Weeks

Mining Firms Uneasy Over Bolivia

China to Set Up Strategic Reserves

Mongolia Tax May Chase Off Investment

Montana Postpones Mining Rule

Agnico-Eagle to Open Gold Mine in Finland

Microbes Play Role in Gold Creation

Elections May Bring Rush to Republic of Congo

Another Uranium Boom in the West

Final Buckhorn Mountain Study Released

Possible Discovery Sparks New Klondike Gold Rush

Chinese Gold Consumption to Grow

Northern Dynasty Chooses Partner for Pebble

An Answer to Endangered Salmon?

Chinese Buy Out Australian Miners

Germany Developing Gold Vending Machine

The Risks of Mining Overseas

Alaska and Nevada Continue to Lead the Pack

Landowners See Potential Gold Mine in Uranium Ore

Feds Raid “Liberty Dollar” Headquarters

Whitehall Mine Foregoing Closure

Work Begins At Rock Creek Mine

Major Miners Go on Buying Spree

Winnemucca Rising While Other Towns Falter

Miners Find Encouraging Prospects Near Livengood

Mining Tax Increase Suggested

Newmont Steps Up For Laid Off Workers

Gold Trader, Employee Charged with Wife’s Killing

Wyoming Governor Pushes for Uranium Study Release

Montana Tunnels Gets Final OK

Chavez Eyes Venezuela’s Largest Gold Mine

Stillwater At Half Speed

Elko County Has Highest State Median Income

Pebble Deposit Reveals Mineral Potential


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