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History & Geology

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Geology and stories from the past

Gold Prospecting With LiDar

LiDAR Opens a New Window to the Earth

ICMJ Visits Sumpter Oregon, Gold Mining Town

Finding Gold - Fact vs Fiction

Truths and myths about finding Gold

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ICMJ Visits Downieville, California

ICMJ Visits Colfax, California

ICMJ Visits Virginia City, Nevada

Get the small gold - Get the BIG GOLD!

Connecting With The Past With Gold Rush Coins

Formation of Gold Deposits in the South Eastern United States

ICMJ Visits the Ghost Town of Bodie, California

Serving Professional and Recreational Prospectors since 1979

ICMJ Visits Sonora, CA

The Rich Mining History of Two Mother-Load Towns

ICMJ Visits Grass Valley, California

March 2023

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Quartz: The Indicator of Gold

Quartz: The Indicator of Gold

The Forms of Crystalline Gold

The largest and most perfect single gold crystals are nearly always in the form of octahedra. These large octahedral crystals often possess deeply recessed faces.

The History of Mining Claims

Congress decided that if they shared the riches of our lands with the people, we would colonize and expand the states at a much faster pace, thus the birth of public lands and mining claims in America.

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Gold: Is It Everywhere?

Gold, on the other hand, is super rare, and is one of the rarest elements in the earth’s crust. It averages only 0.000004 percent of the earth’s surface. That is four parts in a billion.

Blast from the Past: Jeff Casserly Tells His Own Story

I have been finding nuggets all my life, beginning in Sierra County 50 years ago, and believe me they don’t pop up out of the ground like mushrooms when they see me coming and say, “Here I am and take me home.”

Crystallized Gold Mines of California

Gold specimens that include visible crystal formations are among the rarest, most attractive and most valuable forms of gold to be found.


How Far Has That Gold Traveled?

Let’s examine why your placer gold looks the way it does and what you can tell about its journey based upon its appearance.

Why Is The Gold On Bedrock—Or Why Is It Not?

Gold on the bedrock is a good rule of thumb, but not one that is 100 percent effective. There are plenty of exceptions. So, how does a prospector recognize those exceptions?


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