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The most comprehensive and respected gold prospecting magazine on the market. Published monthly since 1931.

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Our History

While the Journal has changed hands and titles a few times since its beginning in 1931, the goal still remains the same—to provide miners with a voice, a marketplace for their goods and services, and maybe teach them something new.

ICMJs Prospecting and Mining Journal has readers in every state and 21 countries. It's available in print and/or digital format, distributed monthly to paid subscribers, newsstands and various tradeshows, with over 30,000 monthly readers and approximately 31,000 monthly website visitors.

Our Writers

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Our Writers




Robert Abendschein

Lowell Ahart

Gerald T. Ahnert

Alan Alderman

Jan Alexander

John Anderson

Kenneth Anderson

Ann Kritzinger

Tom Kunkler

Kimmy Kurta

Henry Lamb

Norman Lambert

Bob Larson

R. V. Larson

T.D. LaRune

Chuck Lassiter

David Lawler

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We encourage and welcome articles for publication consideration. You may address any one of the many facets of the mining industry ... from prospecting experiences to assay education to mining finance to operations. Learn More


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