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• What processing plant should I choose based on my ore type? 
• How to select an area to start prospecting?

Ask The Experts - Micron gold: how much to equal an ounce?

Ask The Experts - How do I properly denote a mining claim? Can I use GPS coordinates?

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Ask The Experts - When do I use detector discrimination?

Ask The Experts - Is gold found in limestone?

Ask The Experts - Can pyrite crystals be the same color as gold?

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Ask The Experts - How are gold veins formed?

Ask The Experts - Is there gold in Monterey County, California?

Ask The Experts - Can you explain NMR and satellite imagery?

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Ask The Experts - What other indicators are there besides red soils?

Ask The Experts - Can you tell me about quartz veins in New Zealand?

Ask The Experts - Help with sluice angle and recovering silver

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Ask The Experts - What is the host rock for lithium?

Ask The Experts - My detector only finds bullets

Ask The Experts - Any tips on finding gold in Colorado?

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Ask The Experts - Should I be seeing black sands in the tailings of my sluice box?

Ask The Experts - How do I sell my gold?

Ask The Experts - Is Welsh gold more valuable?


Ask The Experts - Claim staking as a job?

Ask The Experts - Tests for silver, platinum and rhodium?


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