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Ask The Experts - What is the “blue lead?”

Ask The Experts - Can an Ohm meter find gold in pyrite?

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Ask The Experts - Info on Santa Cruz beach placers?

Ask The Experts - Detectors and flour gold

Ask The Experts - Why is the gold in these clays?

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Ask The Experts - Can you explain colloidal gold?

Ask The Experts - Where did this kimberlite come from?

Ask The Experts - Can gold particles combine to form a nugget?

Sonic Concentrator--Advanced Concentration Technology

Ask The Experts - Where did the gold go?

Ask The Experts - True north or magnetic north?

Ask The Experts - How do I avoid claim jumping?

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Ask The Experts - Are closed placer and lode claims worth my time?

Ask The Experts - Does steep stream bedrock act like riffles?

Ask The Experts - Where do I register a mining claim in Nevada?

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Ask The Experts - Any tips for hunting down gold veins?

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Ask The Experts - Can you recommend resources for southeast Alaska?

Ask The Experts - Can I pay someone to research a claim for me?


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