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GUNNISON GOLD PROSPECTING COMPANY is seeking a part-time employee to assist in field related prospecting duties (No geology degree required). Compensation ranges from $225-400 USD per day. Standard 4WD vehicle is necessary, fluent compass & GPS skills are imperative, must possess the physical capability to hike 10-15 miles per day over rough terrain for up to 7 consecutive days. Travel Required. Immediate Opening. 

Please Contact:
Gunnison Gold Prospecting Company
Email or call (970)901-9043


WE ARE LOOKING FOR A MINE MANAGER to oversee the start up of a small alluvial gold mining operation in Ghana, West Africa. Looking to begin Nov. 01, 2021. Excellent opportunity, temporary or permanent, for an experienced individual. Please contact me for details. Send resume by email. DAN WILCOX, (704)604-7489.


COMPLETE MILLING UNIT—12x8 jaw crusher, Stuthenroth hammer mill, ball mill & wave table. Call for pictures. CARL (530)468-4089, or send email. $10,000.


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