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Trump administration sues California over federal land sales (

Opportunity to Reduce Gold Butte Monument in Nevada

From Associate Editor Chris Ralph: Those who are interested, there is an opportunity to comment on the reduction of the size of the Gold Butte monument in southern Nevada. Thi...

Miners win $100 million from Sacramento County in political influence case (Sacramento Bee)

A Ground-Breaking Opportunity: Mining Critical Minerals in America (National

Potential Policy Rift Opens Between The EPA & The White House (

Heading to the swamp on behalf of small miners

I'll try to keep our readers updated on some of our activities while we are here. 3/16/18 Full-day Update We had a lively discussion about NEPA, suction gold dredging, (the la...

Ad deadline extended to noon on March 12

Our advertising deadline falls on Saturday, March 10 this month, so we will accept ads until noon on Monday, March 12. You can use the online submission form if you wish to pl...

Russia funneling millions to US-based environmental groups (The American Spectator)

Online ordering system back up!

We've updated our server and things are back in working order. The online ordering system appears to be functioning correctly again. Thanks for your patience! Our online order...

He Struck It Rich in Ecuador; Now He's Looking for the Lost Cities of Gold (

An update on the Rinehart suction gold dredging case -- asking for your help

As many of our readers know, the State of California legislated suction dredge miners out of the water under the guise of environmental degradation, then legislators agreed to...

Meet the Man Who Found Australia's Largest Gold Nugget (

The Plume of Gold Ejected by a Cosmic Collision: scientists believe they have witnessed the formation of heavy metals in space (

BLM kills 10-million-acre Greater sage grouse mineral withdrawal

by Scott Harn, Editor/Publisher Notice: The Bureau of Land Management announced it is cancelling the 10-million-acre mineral withdrawal for the Greater sage grouse across six ...

Perot Museum welcomes its own rock star — a gold nugget that weighs more than 50 pounds (

Images from the 1800s capture life for prospectors chasing the Canadian gold rush (Daily Mail)

Trump Wants to Free Up Federal Lands; His Interior Secretary Fail Him (National Review)

BLM agent Dan Love out after accusations of intimidation, misappropriating evidence and accepting gratuities on the job (Reno Gazette-Journal)

REMINDER: Maintenance Fees/Waiver Due September 1

Claimholders : Remember to get your Maintenance Fees or Waiver forms in by September 1. We highly recommend you hand deliver the required forms to your local Bureau of Land Ma...

Free Range Report highlights bullying by USFS and quotes Shannon Poe of American Mining Rights Association (

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