What do I get with an online subscription?

You get the same articles that are available in our printed magazine. The articles for the current issue are posted on the same day the new printed issue is shipped, on the 27th day of the month.

In addition, online subscribers can read any back issues we have available on the site. We currently have approximately 375 articles available, and we will continue to add back issues as time permits.

If you already have a print subscription and you would like to add online access, give us a call at 831 479-1500.

My browser gives me the option of allowing blocked content and/or cookies. Should I?

If you need to use the login feature, then allow blocked content. A cookie is stored on your computer to record your login information. A cookie is also used to retain your shopping cart information.

I don't want to receive spam or junk mail. Do you utilize my information for this?

NO! We despise this! We take your privacy seriously. We do not sell your information, nor give it away. You won't be receiving offers from us or anyone else as a result of trusting us with your personal information. You can read our complete privacy policy if you would like more information.

How long do I have to wait for my first issue?

If you would like to start your print subscription with the current issue, please say so in the Special Instructions field during checkout and we will send out that issue as soon as possible.

When will each subsequent issue arrive?

We try to time our mailings so that US subscribers will receive the monthly issue prior to the 10th of the month. Subscribers in Canada and other countries should receive the monthly issue by the 14th of the month.

I put in a forwarding order with the Postal Service when I moved. How come I'm not receiving my magazine?

The Postal Service will not forward magazines. They tear off the cover and send it back to let us know you have moved, then throw away the remainder of your magazine! Use the online address change form or call us when you move.

How many pages are in each issue?

A typical issue is 64 or 72 pages.

How many readers do you have?

Current readership is approximately 31,000 per month.

Where are your readers located?

Subscribers are located in every state and 23 countries.

Are there ads for used equipment and claims for sale?

Each issue includes approximately 8-10 pages of new & used equipment in our Mine Market (classified) section, which includes mining claims, mining properties, new & used equipment, large-scale and small-scale equipment, geological services, assaying, —tractors, generators, dredges— you name it, we probably have it.

How often is the magazine published?

The Journal has been published monthly since 1931.

Is the entire issue available online?

Yes, but you must have an online subscription to view the majority of articles.

Free articles—those available to non-subscribers—are designated with a smiley face. Non-subscribers can also view the majority of classified ads under the Mine Market heading. We have some advertisers who choose to make their ads available to subscribers only, so a subscription is required to view those ads.

Subscription articles—those available to subscribers only—are designated with our miner .

If you had a valid print subscription as of February 25, 2009, and that subscription has not yet expired, you can login and view articles for free until your subscription expires. Instructions are on the login page. After your subscription expires, you can choose print only, online only, or both.

My issue always seems to arrive late. What can I do?

Tell your local Post Office you would like to make a complaint and request a Publication Watch. The Postal Service will provide you with a form to set up tracking for a subsequent issue, which will help them determine where the delay is in their system.

Why has my online expiration date been changed?

If you signed up for both the online and print versions, both versions will be set to expire on the same date.

My question isn't answered here...

Contact us! We're here 8am to 5pm Pacific Standard Time, Monday-Friday, excluding major holidays.


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