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Miners Market (Classified ads)

Volcanoville: A California Gold Rush Town

Look Harder

Home of the Original Gold Claimer

Nikko’s Nuggets: How A Tech Guy Finds A Steady Supply Of Gold!

How To Find Your First Piece Of Gold With A Metal Detector

Locating Gold In Ancient Streambed Material

Centrifugal concentration is the most effective process for fine gold!

You Really Can Teach Old Dogs New Tricks ~

Dan Hurd And Jason From MBMMLLC Learn How To Drywash From Mineoperator Team

Understanding Rocks Can Help You Prospect And Detect Successfully

Much Of The Rock You See In The Field Is Closely Associated With What You Seek : Gold

Blue Collar Prospector Goes Big In Eldorado County!

We have all the equipment you need! PLUS, Help us name our Fluorescent Mineral Shaft and win some PAYDIRT! Call for details!!

Locating Desert Placers The Art Of Finding Gold In Arid Regions

Find Your First Piece Of Gold With A Pan Now!

The Best Indicators Of Placer Gold

The BEST Mining Group - and we SELL CLAIMS TOO!

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Autumn Gold

" I went on a detecting trip in Northern California a few weeks ago. I called several friends to see who wanted to meet up with me. With an undeniable crispness in the air, I left Redding and started my drive to the goldfields."

Gold Prospecting With LiDar

LiDAR Opens a New Window to the Earth

Buy direct and save $$!

Oak Of The Golden Dream

East-Coast Nugget Shooting Myths, Challenges And Tricks

A Hole In One

A nugget that had been struck with a bullet! 


Finding Gold - Fact vs Fiction

Truths and myths about finding Gold

Google Earth Pro for Prospectors and Miners


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