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ICMJ Visits Empire Mine State Historic Park

Better Worse:

Desert Gold Hunting Boo-Boo's And No-No's

Soft Rock Excavation Techniques

Small-scale and commercial suction gold dredges.

A Quest For Gold

Finding Gold In The Cajon Pass

A Day Trip In Southern California

Hiding Out In The Open

Proven to catch the finest gold!

Fire! Part 2

Prospecting In The Wake Of The Mosquito Fire:

Opportunity & Government Overreach

ICMJ Visits The Northstar Mining Museum

'One of the Gems of Nevada County"

The China Hat

Serving Professional and Recreational Prospectors since 1979

An Interesting Time in the Historic Rand Mining District

Big River Gold Exploration: Trend Zone 1

Strategies for Dig and Detect Operations

Charles P. Watson, Chief Geologist

Off to the Sierra Again

Fire! In the Gold Country

Time to go Prospecting

Get the pitch correct on your sluice box!

I Said it Once & I'll Say it twice, Record Those Indicators!

ICMJ Visits Downieville, California

Strike and Dip for the Prospector


Getting Skunked, but Having Fun!

Encouraging the New Prospector

Lazy Day Gold


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