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Action Needed: Oregon Anti-Dredging Bill

February 23, 2011

Oregon Anti-Dredging Bill

by Scott Harn

Just prior to presstime we learned that Oregon State Senators Atkinson, Haas and Bates introduced SB 765, which would tax suction gold dredgers by charging a $50 annual fee for in-state dredgers and a whopping $2,500 fee for out-of-state dredgers for each county where the miner intends to dredge.

Rumor has it that Atkinson was not happy when he visited his favorite fishing hole and discovered it was occupied by a suction dredge miner, even though the miner was operating in-season and with a valid permit.

Please take a moment to contact the five Senators below to express your disapproval of this bill and remind them of the contributions miners make to the state economy.

Important: Please mention that you would like your comments placed in the file regarding SB 765. Remember that you are exercising your right to voice your opposition to these elected officials, and they are charged with reviewing the bills brought before them—please be civil and polite. Just let them know that you oppose SB765, and you want to make sure your voice is counted on the record!

1 - Chair
Senator Floyd Prozanski (D)
South Lane and North Douglas Counties
District 4
Capitol # (503) 986-1704
District # (541) 342-2447

2 - Co-Chair
Senator Jeff Kruse (R)
District 1
Capitol # (503) 986-1701
District # (541) 580-3276

3 - Committee Member
Senator Doug Whitsett (R)
Klamath Falls
District 28
Capitol # (503) 986-1728
District # (541) 883-4006

4 - Committee Member
Senator Suzanne Bonamici (D)
District 17
Capitol # (503) 986-1717
District # (503) 627-0246

5 - Committee Member
Senator Jackie Dingfelder (D)
District 23
Capitol # (503) 986-1723
District # (503) 493-2804

Please follow up with a visit to to contact Senators and to contact Represenatives. Just a few minutes of your time can stop this bill in its tracks.

Thank you!

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