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December 2011 magazines delayed by Postal Service

December 10, 2011

We are experiencing delivery delays again by the Postal Service.

Our December 2011 issue was mailed on time, but many customers have not yet received it.

Our business representative at the Postal Service sent the following explanation:

"We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused by this service failure.  The Monterey Postmaster has been apprised of the situation and will be monitoring the reported delivery issue.  Since the beginning of October 2011, the Postal Service has been experiencing high volume of fall season mailings, in conjunction with political mailings.  The District Manager, the Plant Manager, and the In-Plant Support Manager recently implemented some changes to address timely processing at the Oakland Processing & Distribution Center and the San Jose Processing & Distribution Center.  Both facilities are optimistic that mail processing volume will be more controlled and current by the first week of December 2011.  Please know that the Postal Service is working diligently to correct the matter."

Each subscriber copy has a tracking barcode above the subscriber's address. Scans of these barcodes allow us to see where a majority of the magazines are in the postal system, though not all of the magazines travel through a facility equipped with a barcode scanner.

Below is the delivery scan report as of Saturday, December 10, which indicates the percentage of copies delivered to subscribers in each state:
Alaska 0%
Alabama 0%
Arkansas 35%
Arizona 58%
California 67%
Colorado 38%
Connecticut 27%
DC 0%
Delaware 0%
Florida 0%
Georgia 1%
Hawaii 0%
Iowa 47%
Idaho 60%
Illinois 27%
Indiana 73%
Kansas 60%
Kentucky 95%
Louisiana 43%
Massachusetts 18%
Maryland 0%
Maine 0%
Michigan 52%
Minnesota 1%
Missouri 88%
Mississippi 0%
Montana 1%
North Carolina 0%
North Dakota 0%
New England 90%
New Hampshire 0%
New Jersey 66%
New Mexico 67%
Nevada 56%
New York 0%
Ohio 65%
Oklahoma 38%
Oregon 3%
Pennsylvania 24%
Rhode Island 0%
South Carolina 0%
South Dakota 0%
Tennessee 48%
Texas 55%
Utah 51%
Virginia 2%
Vermont 0%
Washington 25%
Wisconsin 0%
West Virginia 0%
Wyoming 23%

We continue to seek assistance from the Postal Regulatory Commission and from Congressman Sam Farr's office. If you haven't received your copy yet, be assured that it is in the mail and should arrive soon, and please accept our apologies.

Scott Harn

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