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February 15, 2019

We are on day two without power at our office due to the storms along the Central Coast in California.

We were able to clear a few downed trees but have to wait for PG&E to get a tree crew out to handle those trees that are resting on power lines.

The power is out at our home also. We are operating remotely off of a small generator at our home and can take care of a few items via email and cell phone. Our website is not affected. It is hosted at another location, so customers can still log in, read articles, place orders, etc, though we won't be able to process new orders until the power is back online.

PG&E has already looked at our situation and put us on the list, but they are taking care of larger outages in the area first.

We will continue to work remotely on the next issue (March) and we believe we will be "back in business" sometime this weekend.

Thanks for your patience! -- Scott Harn


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