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The Power of Mining Districts: Restoring Access & Returning to Reasonable Regulation
by Scott Harn
ICMJ's Prospecting and Mining Journal

I made this presentation at our 2016 Gold Prospecting and Mining Summit in Placerville, California in mid-April. Quite a few people have requested a copy, so I thought I would make it available here on our site
Posted 05/22/2016
2016 Gold Prospecting and Mining Summit
April 16 - 17: Vendors, exhibits, lectures; learn how to find more gold and get the equipment you need to be successful. At the El Dorado County Fairgrounds in Placerville. $5 at the door. (Fairgrounds charges $5 for parking.)

April 15 & April 18: Hands-on training classes at private mining sites. We'll be teaching panning, high banking and metal detecting. Expert instructors will be available to assist you, and a full trommel operation will be set up for those who wish see how it's done. (Pre-registration required for these classes.)

Visit www.icmj.com/miningsummit.php for complete details.
Posted 01/23/2016
Minerals Make Life
We rely on minerals every day, but just how important are minerals to our daily life?
Posted 01/23/2016
Potato Patch Mine, Part I
Washington State miners recover several nuggets, including one weighing in at over 16 ounces, at the Potato Patch Mine near Liberty, Washington. (Story was featured on our November 2013 cover.)

(Caution: strong language.)
Posted 03/17/2014
Potato Patch Mine, Part II
...more gold nuggets are recovered, including a thirteen-ounce piece.

(Caution: strong language.)
Posted 03/17/2014
Idaho House Resources Committee meeting on suction gold dredging, February 3, 2014.
The EPA recently declared that suction gold dredgers in Idaho are required to obtain a NPDES (National Pollution Discharge Elimination System) permit despite the numerous studies that have concluded suction gold dredging has a "less than significant" impact on the environment. 

The Idaho House Resource Committee invited several individuals to speak about suction dredge mining, and all of them were in favor of allowing suction gold dredging.

Joe Greene, US EPA research scientist, retired
Tom Kitchar, President, Waldo Mining District
Idaho County Sheriff Doug Giddings
Idaho County Commissioner Jim Chmelik

The video is approximately one hour long.

Our hats are off to the above mentioned presenters for their time and quality presentations.
Posted 02/06/2014
Update (video) on California suction gold dredge lawsuits by PLP attorney David Young
Attorney David Young gives a status report on the lawsuits and the fight to restore the rights of suciton gold dredgers in California.
Posted 01/23/2014
GoldNomics -- Cash or Gold Bullion?
"GoldNomics" is an excellent must see short video about gold. It shows how gold has retained value throughout history and is an attractive alternative to cash today. Legendary investors, central banks and the astute are buying gold today. 'GoldNomics' shows gold is an important safe haven asset and an essential investment and saving diversification in these uncertain times.
Posted 07/07/2011

NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams highlights  "The New Goldrush" caused by recession, umemployment and high gold prices. (Bonus: Includes an interview with Jim Bell at Pioneer-Motherlode Mining Supplies in Auburn.)
Posted 04/15/2009

CNBC's Jane Wells reports on the new California gold rush on Squawk Box
Posted 04/08/2009
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