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Major meeting involving miners March 14

March 13, 2015

Gold miners, by nature, are an independent and hard-headed bunch. They have to be to stick to gold mining during times of fluctuating prices, over-regulation and barren ground. But it’s also been a handicap in the effort to unite all miners under one, single, solitary voice. It's time to get organized. It's time to switch from defense to offense.

A major step toward uniting miners will occur on Saturday, March 14, from 10am to 2pm in northern California. Nearly one-hundred leading manufacturers, club and association presidents, and related business leaders will gather to discuss mining law, science, mining rights, and how we can free ourselves from the lies and propaganda so prevalent today.

Not everyone who would like to attend can be accommodated. However, the meeting will be broadcast live on the Internet and can be accessed via the links below.

We want to thank Shannon Poe at American Mining Rights for the countless hours he has invested to put this event together.

"We have several announcements we are making which will fundamentally change small mining in America. Yes, it is that big," said Poe. "We urge everyone to share this post and listen to the meeting live. We intend to start here in California, then move on to Washington State, Idaho, Oregon and the other 19 western states which have Federal mining claims."

"For small miners and public land users to survive, we MUST unite," Poe added. "All of us. Not just miners, but fishermen, hikers, hunters, campers and off-roaders. America and our public lands are under attack each and every day by those hell-bent on fundamental transformation and this transformation does not include you having access to your public lands."

Scott Harn
ICMJ’s Prospecting and Mining Journal

In case you missed it, links to the archived broadcasts are below. In addition, AMRA hopes to have youtube videos of the meeting up shortly and we'll let you know when they are available.
Archive broadcast links:
Mining meeting Part I (Shannon Poe): http://en.1000mikes.com/app/archiveEntry.xhtml?archiveEntryId=334126
Mining meeting Part 2 (Joe Greene): http://en.1000mikes.com/app/archiveEntry.xhtml?archiveEntryId=334133
Mining meeting Part 3 (Robert Guardiola): http://en.1000mikes.com/app/archiveEntry.xhtml?archiveEntryId=334142
Mining meeting Part 4 (Shannon Poe): http://en.1000mikes.com/app/archiveEntry.xhtml?archiveEntryId=334156

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