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NEWS ALERT: Another court rules on EPA Section 402 addition of a pollutant requirement

November 29, 2019

by Scott Harn, Editor/Publisher

NEWS ALERT: Just as we were sending off the December 2019 issue, we received excellent news from PLP regarding the miner who was cited by California Fish & Wildlife. Clark Pearson, PLP's northern director, testified as an expert witness in this case. The judge issued her opinion from the bench, which included reference to the "addition of a pollutant" requirement necessary to trigger the need for a EPA Section 402 permit. It appears to be a big win in favor of the miner and should provide a second strong court ruling in our efforts to provide relief for suction gold dredgers.

To make sure we report it accurately, we are holding off writing a full review until that written opinion is available. When it becomes available, we will post the review in our Recent News section and let our followers know via Facebook and Twitter.

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