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Oregon Gold Miners Rally on February 28

February 25, 2013

Oregon Gold Miners Rally

1pm to 5pm, February 28, 2013

Rain or Shine

North Steps of the State Capitol Building

Salem, Oregon

There are a number of bills in the legislature this year aimed at eliminating or inhibiting the operations of small-scale gold suction dredges in Oregon’s rivers and streams.  The environmental left has made it clear that their goal is to destroy the $10+ million dollar small scale gold dredging industry.  This attack is their follow-up on their success in California.  They do not care that science comes down on the side of the miners reporting that small-scale gold suction dredge miners effects on the environment are less-than-significant.
Let’s all show up and let the legislators know we want them to support jobs and the honest working citizens rather environmental extremism fueled by their dishonest lies and tactics.

1555 State St.
(503) 581-2466
Rates - $56.95 Group rate with 8 or more rooms - $48.95

Free breakfast, in-room coffee
3 blocks from Capitol Building
No need for Parking permit at Rally saves $8

Motel 6
1401 Hawthorne Ave.
(503) 371-8024
Group rate - $39.59

Free coffee

Holiday Lodge
1400 Hawthorne Ave.
(503) 585-2323
Rates – 1 bed- $ 49.50, 2 beds- $55.00, $10.00 per person after the first 3.


Super 8
1288 Hawthorne Ave.
(503) 370-8888
Rates - $52.99 or $62.99

Free breakfast, pool, hot tub, Internet

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