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Photos from our 2014 Gold Prospecting and Mining Summit

April 18, 2014

It's been nearly two weeks since our 2014 Gold Prospecting and Mining Summit in Placerville, California. We are still unpacking some of the boxes and I have yet to return to collect some of our mining equipment from Brian Bartholomew at the placer hands-on training site, but Brian assures me it's locked up and there's no hurry!

We are wrapping up our May 2014 issue of ICMJs Prospecting and Mining Journal and getting ready to send it to the press for their initial review, but I wanted to take a moment to post a few photos of the event.

A full review of the event along with photos will be in our May 2014 issue, but here are a few details and photos:
  • Over 400 participated in our hands-on training classes on Friday and Monday
  • Over 2,600 attendees came to the Placerville Fairgrounds on Saturday and Sunday to hear the lectures and visit the vendors
  • All the western states, including Alaska, were represented, along with attendees from Georgia, Michigan, Nebraska, North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, New Hampshire (though I'm sure I'm missing a few)
  • Foreign attendees arrived from Canada, Germany, Finland, Russia
  • The Mother Lode Goldhounds and the Gold Country Treasure Seekers combined provided over 50 volunteers and instructors
  • Over $8,000 was raised for Public Lands for the People
  • Several vendors stated they ran out of products and were taking orders to be shipped upon returning home
If you were at the event and have an online account, please feel free to submit comments below. Or, you can send them to me at this link:


Scott Harn, Editor/Publisher
ICMJ's Prospecting and Mining Journal

(Photos courtesy of Dan & Sandi Fergot, Chris Ralph, Ron Gribble)

Hands-on Placer Class (Friday, April 4)

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