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Idaho USFS proposes limit on suction dredges

December 29, 2015

by Shannon Poe
American Mining Rights Association

As you are undoubtedly aware, many managegment and regulatory agencies are going full speed to stop suction dredging.  The USFS is no different and has proposed a new scheme to restrict the number of dredges they will allow in Northern Idaho down to just a handful.  They are claiming they need to do this because they don't have the time to process the forms.  That's right, the same agency being paid by your tax dollars to manage your lands is saying they are too busy and it is too time consuming so they need to just limit the dredges to make their lives easier.

We have been fighting in Idaho for over two years for your small miner rights and will continue to do so, but need your help.

Imagine you are a mining claim owner on the SF Clearwater and you rely on that river's very, very short dredge season (one month) to supplement your income.  Now imagine you aren't one of the 15 permits they will look at because they claim they are too busy.  There are approximately 150 suction dredgers who could dredge their claim on that river.  This is not just illegal, but blatant discrimination. The USFS was created to manage YOUR lands, not THEIR lands.  Fed up yet?

We stand up for you all because it is the right thing to do, and when we send out these calls to action, we really need your help.  Click on the link below and send an email.  Don't just complain, send the email.  We have made this as easy as we possibly could for you, so step up and take the 30 seconds to be heard.

If you are tired of government taking away your rights, send the email or letter.  All of the contact information is contained in the letter we sent on behalf of AMRA and is contained in the link.

All you need to include in the email is you oppose the newly proposed "small scale suction dredge project".  You can add anything you'd like to it, but it is important if you oppose further tyranny and send the email. 

We've attached a copy of our letter so you can understand just what they are doing.

Please send this today, the reply window is very short.

OPPOSE USFS Small Miner Dredge Project
Copy of AMRA comments to Nez Perce USFS

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