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February Issue Delayed

February 6, 2009

Your February issue of ICMJ's Prospecting and Mining Journal may arrive a few days later than usual this month. 


We first noticed a delivery problem when our own copy -- the one we mail to our office along with the rest of the shipment to track how the Postal Service is doing with delivery -- arrived four days later than usual.


After much investigative work, it appears that Postal Service employees allowed our shipment to sit for three or four days at the Postal Service hub in San Jose, California.


A Postal Service supervisor is still investigating, and hopefully will hold those responsible accountable.


Each subscriber copy has a unique barcode for tracking. When a copy passes through a sorting hub equipped with barcode scanning equipment, it gets scanned. The barcode information is sent to the company we contract with for tracking. The information is compiled and presented to us in a useable format.





The following map shows that a few more states have received as least partial delivery as of Monday morning, February 9, 2009.



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