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Retired Professor and Climatologist Dr Tim Ball has some interesting suggestions for reeling in the use of executive orders

November 21, 2014

by Scott Harn
ICMJ's Prospecting and Mining Journal


Retired Professor and Climatologist Dr. Tim Ball has a few ideas to prevent President Obama from using executive orders to circumvent Congress.  From what I've read so far, I can tell Dr. Ball is someone I'd like to invite over for dinner.

Dr. Ball is scheduled to appear on online radio station KUIK 1360AM (www.ispyradio.com) to discuss these ideas.

I love the title of the program, and here are a few of the discussion topics, courtesy of KUIK radio:

How about we stop paying Obama to punch us in the face?

Last night President Obama used his executive power to push an amnesty agenda he wants, regardless of the will of the people. And, typically, Republicans responded with calls of de-funding the agency that enacts this. But this is small-minded, systemic thinking and it's a clear example of why, when there's a playground fight, they're the ones who come away with the bloody nose. Think about it: the Republicans are trying to use "the system" to rein in Obama -- the very system Obama just flaunted. 
When the pipes are all broken, you can't use the exact same pipes to fix the plumbing.
Conservatives need to stop playing defense. To be truly strategic you have to think outside the system and outside the immediate issues. Want to punish Obama for his overreach? Forget amnesty. Instead, immediately de-fund everything he holds dear and what pays for his far-left agenda: defund global warming and the environmental movement. Gut it. Nearly 100% of this funding supports far-left organizations who funnel the money back to far-left Democrat organizations and candidates. We spent $22.2 billion on global warming last year; we only spent $11 billion on border defense.
Want another example? The leading voice opposing California’s dredge mining has been the Sierra Fund, which shares members and board members with the Sierra Club.  After using courts and the legislature to have miners eliminated from dredge mining for gold, the Sierra Fund received 9 million dollars from Senator Barbara Boxer to utilize dredge mining as a way to help clean reservoirs, which just happened to also capture up gold.  And guess what? Sierra Fund has now become the number one gold mining company in California using the equipment they had fought to ban.  Can you feel it?  Smack, right in the face.
So on this week’s show we talk to Dr. Tim Ball, who is not only a climatologist but is also an expert on government processes and how government institutions fund far left environment groups worldwide.  We discuss how the global warming money has been used to fuel far left groups that develop well oiled machines to put elected officials into office that will continue the abusive funding cycle.  Listen to hear how Dr. Ball picks that apart and discusses the strategies it will take to stop this abusive, one-sided, funding cycle.
Busy on Saturday or Sunday?  Not a problem.  Monday, after the show airs, you can go to www.ispyradio.com and download it from the“past shows” page.
All times are Pacific Time:

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