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ICMJ Editor's response to Obama's proposed budget

February 4, 2015

by Scott Harn
ICMJ's Prospecting and Mining Journal


President Obama has again shown his willingness to cozy up with extreme environmentalists at the expense of American jobs with his latest budget proposal.

Obama's proposed $3.99 trillion budget includes provisions for eliminating the small miners exemption, instituting a mineral leasing process and royalties on all hardrock mining, along with increasing annual fees on mining claim holders.

This has been attempted many times before by both the Department of Interior and individual legislators, but it never gained enough traction to reach a full vote.

The House controls the purse strings, so they have the power to insert language prohibiting funds to be spent on these items.

Here is the request I recently sent to the House Committee on Natural Resources:

                    As I'm sure you are aware, President Obama's proposed budget includes royalties of not less than 5% of gross proceeds on the hardrock mining industry, increased annual fees and a new mineral leasing process.
In addition, the Bureau of Land Management proposed budget would eliminate the so-called "small miners exemption" -- the fee exemption for miners holding 10 or fewer claims.
These proposals would devastate exploration efforts and make the United States even more reliant on foreign countries for essential metals and minerals.
I would like to know your position on these proposals.  And, if you are against them, your plan to prevent them from being enacted.
I may include a few of your comments in our monthly publication.  We have readers in every state and 23 countries, and I know they will be interested in your response.
Scott Harn
ICMJ's Prospecting and Mining Journal

The response we receive will be published in our March 2015 issue.

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