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Late deliveries; tradeshows; Chris Ralph on the History channel

February 25, 2010

Our March 2010 issue has been printed and is being mailed off. Expect to find it in your mailbox sometime during the first week of March if the Postal Service cooperates. (It should arrive near the beginning of the month for subscribers in the West, while those in the East should expect it to arrive closer to March 10.)

Last month we had quite a few complaints about late deliveries from our subscribers. Slower delivery times were expected with the severe weather across the country in February. However, part of the problem had nothing to do with weather. We discovered that part of our shipment was allowed to sit for seven days in the postal distribution center in Oakland, California. We screamed and hollered, and hopefully we won't see this problem again for awhile.

We've been extremely busy with tradeshows. Associate Editor Chris Ralph was at GPAA Gold & Treasure Shows in Boise and Phoenix, while I ventured out to the one in Fresno. I'll be heading out to the Washington Prospectors Mining Association show in Monroe (Washington) this Saturday and Sunday, while Chris will be at the Douglas County Prospectors show in Roseburg (Oregon) on the same weekend.

You can find us at these upcoming shows in March:
  • Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada, March 7-10 (Financial writer Leonard Melman)
  • GPAA Gold & Treasure Show, Puyallup, Washington (Editor Scott Harn)
  • GPAA Gold & Treasure Show, Salem, Oregon (Associate Editor Chris Ralph)
Please stop by and say hello!

You can also pick up a free sample copy at these additional shows in March:
  • 48th Annual Gem, Mineral, Lapidary & Fossil Show in Ventura, California
  • Alaska Miners Association Bienniel Conference in Fairbanks, Alaska
  • Northwest Gold Prospectors show in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
  • Salinas Valley Rock & Gem show in Spreckels, California
  • 2nd Annual Gold & Treasure Show in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin
  • Golden Jubilee Gem & Mineral Show in Roseville, California
See our Miner's Calendar link for complete details on all the shows.

Associate Editor Chris Ralph has been extremely busy representing us at tradeshows, publishing his first book, and speaking at various events and prospecting clubs. Last year he found time to do some filming with the History Channel for their show "How the Earth Was Made." Chris was interviewed for the episode called "America's Gold" that covers everything from the gold rush to individual prospectors on up to large mining operations. It's scheduled to air on Tuesday, March 2, at 9pm. Chris hasn't seen the finished product yet, and stated, "I might be in it for ten minutes or it might only be for ten seconds!" Check your local listings.

Scott Harn
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