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PGMs in the United States

The Federal Land Survey System

Gold in Moffat County, Colorado

Dry Placers in the Kamma Mountains, Nevada

Gold at Ragged Top, Arizona

Gold at Mercury Mines

Oil and Gas in Washington

Gold in Mono County, California

Gold at Quartzville, Oregon

Gold Near Boulder, Colorado


California Diamonds

Guanajuato Silver, Mexico

The Klamath Mountains

Gold in the Drum Mountains

Picks & Pans: Prospecting for Lode Gold

Dry Lakes in Nevada

Catastrophism vs. Uniformitarianism

Cerro Colorado Silver, Arizona

Prospecting With a Magnetometer

Gold in Sonora

Mohave Mountain Placers, Arizona

Placer PGMs in Alaska

Gold in Jasperoid

Little Rocky Mountains, Montana

Sunnyside, Arizona

Delamar District, Nevada

Gold in Washington

Serpentine in California

Gold at Dale, California

The Gold Belts of Georgia

Gondwana Gold Gravels

The History of Tombstone

The Colorado Mineral Belt

Quartzsite, Arizona

Cuba Revisited

Massive Sulfide Deposits in Oregon

Jackson Hole Gold, Wyoming

Lightning Creek, British Columbia

Enrichment of Gold Veins

Gold in Northern Baja California

Potaro District, Guyana

Prospecting With Color

Gold in Kansas and Oklahoma

Prospecting for Silver With a Geiger Counter

Gold in Chihuahua, Mexico

History of Oil in California

Placer Gold in Washington

Greaterville, Arizona

Placer Diamonds in Venezuela

Placer Gold in the Black Hills, South Dakota

Silver at Calico, California

The Golden Triangle of Sonora, Mexico

Discovery of the Mountain Pass REO Deposit

Gold in Guatemala

Great Basin Gold

Uranium Deposits

Oil Seeps in Northern California

Flat-Fault Gold

Gold in Michigan

The San Juan Mountains, Colorado

Gold in Virginia

Gold in Texas

Spanish Silver in Arizona

Placer Gold in Utah

Gold in Panama

Breccia Pipes

Placer Gemstones

Gold in Iceland?

Glacial Gold in Ohio

Placer Gold in New Mexico

The Rand of South Africa

Placer Gold Near Fairbanks, Alaska

Gold in New Hampshire

Aerial Photos

Alluvial Fans

Mineralized Calderas in Colorado

Gold in Oregon

Gold in Suriname

Beryllium in Utah

Fire Agate in Arizona

Piedmont Gold

Placer Gold in Arizona

Gold in Nevada

The Bombarded 38' Parallel


Paleoplacers in the Black Hills

PGMs in California

Cedros Island, Mexico

Placer Gold in Idaho

Cobalt and Nickel in Missouri

Gondwana Gold and Diamonds

Mojave Desert Gold

Sandstone Silver in Texas

Gold in North Dakota

The Ancient History of Gold

The Steeple Rock District, New Mexico

Gold in Maine?

Gold in Gossan

Cripple Creek, Colorado

The Ocampo District, Chihuahua

Gold in Alabama

Central Coast Ranges

Platinum in Laccoliths

Dry Placers in Southern Baja

Gold in Tennessee

Gold Deposits in Skarn

Hillside Placers

Precious Metals in the Patagonia Mountains

Mother Lode Gold, California

Klondike Gold

Gallium and Germanium in Utah

Roll-Front Uranium Deposits

Hidden Features in Venezuela

Gold in the Philippines

Beryllium in Nevada

Border Silver

Continental Drift

Gold Hill, Utah

Platinum in Nevada

Texas "Hill Country" Gold

Oil Seeps in Arizona

Old-Time Mining Geology Books

Gold in Australia

Gold in Rotten Rock

Pocket Gold in Gneiss

Red Lake, Ontario

Wall-Rock Alteration

Gold in the Chinle Formation

Clarence King, Geologist

Zeballos Gold Camp, British Columbia

Placer Platinum

Buell Park Pipe, Arizona

Flat-Fault Gold in Sonora, Mexico

Gold in China

Gold in Utah Laccoliths


The Guyana Highlands


Placer PGMs in Coon Creek, California

The Boludo Placers, Sonora

The Baja Gold Rush of 1889

Epithermal Gold-Quartz Veins

Gold in Arkansas

The Klamath Oldland

Crater of Diamonds, Arkansas

Tucson Mountain Chaos

Niobium and Tantalum


Resolution Copper Mine, Arizona


Synclinal Oil

Lode Gold in Nicaragua

Goldville, Alabama

Greenstone Belts in Minnesota

Gold in Vermont

Lode Gold in Honduras

Placer Gold in Russia

The Mexican Gold Belt


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