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Chuck Merritt

Chuck Merritt is a second generation gold prospector. Born in Burns, Oregon, his family spent weekends in the high desert searching for the lustrous metal. After serving his country, Chuck began his career in geophysics with Schlumberger on the Cook Inlet in Alaska searching for another type of gold - black gold, also known as "Texas Tea." After a decade in the oil business, he turned to the business of gold exploration and mining. He is president of three companies; Alaska Gold Exploration, Stampede Gold Resources, and Ophir Mining Company. Alaska Gold Exploration is actively exploring the Innoko River region of Alaska. Stampede Gold Resources is the operator at the Ophir Gold mine northwest of McGrath, Alaska. 
Geologists refer to Geophysicists as "Geowizards". Chuck has adopted the nickname "Geowizard" and welcomes questions or comments through the ICMJ Forum. 
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