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The Bawl Mill

The Bawl Mill

Prospector banished from college campus
California State University Long Beach announced it will move a half-century-old “Prospector Pete” statue away from a prominent place on the campus because of the impact the 1849 Gold Rush had on indigenous people.

The statue, formally known as “The Forty-Niner Man,” was unveiled in 1967 as a rugged-looking, bearded man sitting on a rock. It features no gold mining or panning tools.

In recent years, university athletics have moved away from the college’s traditional “49er” and “Prospector Pete” sports team and mascot names in favor of the nickname “Beach.” 

The university’s Associated Students organization began working a year ago on a resolution to move the statue. In place of the statue, the student  resolution recommended “a recognition of our shameful previous association with prospectors.” It suggested a plaque.

Early retirement...
Most people lay out a plan to enter retirement, examine their options and work toward reaching that goal. Vontae Davis took a different approach.

Davis is a 30-year-old, two-time Pro Bowl cornerback who signed a one-year agreement to play for the Buffalo Bills. On a recent Sunday afternoon, during his first game with the team and against the Los Angeles Chargers, Davis announced his retirement at halftime.

In a statement he released later that day, Davis said, “I just didn’t feel right... it’s more important for me and my family to walk away healthy than to willfully embrace the warrior mentality and limp away too late.”

The Bills were trailing 28-6 at halftime and lost the game 31-20.

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