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About Us

A new issue of ICMJ's Prospecting and Mining Journal is published every month, and this is our 81st year. Current readership is around 31,000 per month, with subscribers in every state and 23 countries. In addition to our paid subscriptions, thousands of additional copies are distributed free of charge at trade shows every month.

Current issues are 80 pages, filled with useful information. We provide up-to-date information regarding all phases of mining, focusing on precious metals.

We offer plenty of articles detailing mining and prospecting ventures around the world. You'll find up-to-date methods on prospecting, assaying, refining, dredging, mining, detection; legislation, regulations, geology, technology, history, and first-hand accounts from those who have worked the equipment, dug the trenches and the tunnels.

We have the most extensive classified advertising of any prospecting publication, averaging 8-9 pages per issue. You can buy or sell a gold pan, dredge, detector, mining claim, ball mill, crusher, trommel, hauler, crane, or a fully operational mine.

We began in 1931 as the California Mining Journal, focusing on California and the surrounding states. As time passed, our scope broadened to cover North America, with occasional features on other countries. The name changed to ICMJ's Prospecting and Mining Journal to better represent what we really are: a magazine read by prospectors and miners throughout the world.

US subscriptions are $27.95 for one year (12 issues). Discounts are given for multiple year subscriptions. Foreign subscriptions start at $41.95 (U.S. funds) for airmail to Canada. Check subscription prices.

Access to back issues is included with your online subscription!  We continue to add back issues to our online archive as time permits. We currently have 128 months of back issues on our website (September 2001 - current month).

You will find the same articles online that appear in the printed issue. Articles are posted the same day we ship the monthly issue to print subscribers. You can add online access to your print subscription for only $4 per year. Online only is available for $27.95 per year, regardless of your location.

We publish approximately 200 classified ads every issue. About half of the advertisers also choose to have their ads appear on our website. An ad in ICMJ's Prospecting and Mining Journal is $0.50 cents per word, or $0.75 cents per word for both the magazine and our website. There is a $8.00 minimum per ad. Other options like bold print are available for an added cost. View our current online Mine Market ads now, or place an ad to appear in the next issue by contacting us or place your ad online. New website ads are posted on the 26th of the month—the same day we ship the next issue of ICMJ's Prospecting and Mining Journal.

Display ads vary in size from 1 column inch to a full page. As an added incentive, each display advertiser receives a free listing in one of the Equipment & Services categories listed on our home page.

Our web pages are viewed over half a million times each year. As mentioned above, display advertisers receive a free listing in one of the Equipment & Services categories on our home page. Classified advertisers can choose to have their ad appear in our publication and on our website for $0.75 cents per word (Journal only is $0.50 per word). Web banners are available for $70.00 per month.

Approximately 200 stores currently carry ICMJ's Prospecting and Mining Journal. If you have a store or shop, you can entice customers back to your store by selling ICMJ's Prospecting and Mining Journal. Receive credit for unsold copies for up to 6 months (US businesses only). Join over 200 other retailers by contacting us today.