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December 2002 (Vol. 72, No. 4) $3.25

  • The Bawl Mill

    Your tax dollars at work
    He's an "expert" in stupidity
    No sense of humor
  • Original Sixteen-to-One Mine Fights On

    In our April and May 2001 issues we reported on the administrative hearings involving the 16-to-1 Mine and their fight against countless MSHA citations, many of which seemed to be driven by inspectors following their own agenda.
  • Legislative and Regulatory Update

    • Federal election results should be favorable to miners
    • Utah residents reject proposed National Monument
    • Fish and Wildlife told to disclose locations of endangered species
  • Solar-Powered Placer Sampling Equipment

    One hundred and seven years ago the world’s first electric-powered bucket line dredge started to work in Montana. This summer, Montana likely saw its first solar-powered Denver Gold Saver put to work.
  • Working the Belmont Mine—1953 (Part 3—Conclusion)

    Tuesday morning started off much like Monday except Jack wasn’t packing a bunch of drill bits. We wandered off toward the bottom of the raise, adjusted our bed boards, had a cup of coffee from our buckets, and smoked a cigarette. Then Jack stretched, stood up, and remarked, “Guess I might as well go up and see what it looks like. You wait here for now. When I call down, send up a section of ladder and eight laggings.”
  • Company Notes

    • Sterling Mining Company
    • Pan American Silver Corp.
    • Vista Gold Corp.
    • Fronteer Development Group
    • US Gold Corp.
    • NovaGold Resources
  • Picks & Pans: Gold and Bears

    It was my fourth prospecting trip to Paradise Valley, Alaska, and I arrived in late July. I spent the first seven days with claim owner Mick Manns and his helper, Brian. It was one of my best trips yet and I wish I could have shared it...
  • Gold in North Dakota

    North Dakota, 70,704 square miles in area, is situated on the Great Plains, in the geographic center of the North American continent. It is bounded on the north by Canada.
  • The North Star Mine

    Back in the early 1800s, there was a gold mine being dug in a mining community called Garden Valley. Garden Valley is located northeast of Sacramento, between Georgetown and Coloma. They called it Garden Valley because there were some miners who thought there might be more money in growing and selling vegetables than in mining for gold.
  • Dectecting Alaskan Gold Nuggets

    Probably the best friend known to the Alaskan nugget shooter is the bulldozer. The bulldozer can open up a lot of opportunity for the metal detecting prospector. Along creeks and valleys where bulldozers have torn up overburden and exposed the...
  • The Ancient History of Gold

    Man was aware of the presence of gold over 7,000 years ago, and it probably did not take him long to find out that gold was malleable and resistant to corrosion. He no doubt learned, at an early date, that objects could be fashioned from gold.
  • Columbians Continue Search for Emeralds

    Despite a drop in emerald production in Colombia, “green fever” still burns among miners who yearn to find a stone big or pure enough to answer all their worldy needs.
  • Mining Stock Quotes and Mineral & Metal Prices

  • Melman on Gold & Silver

    If there was ever a month for the financial markets to rejoice, the one just past would appear to have been ideal. Oil prices declined sharply...the Fed revved up the economy by smashing short-term interest rates to their lowest levels since World War II...and, perhaps most important of all, the Republican Party now has possession of a clean sweep of American political power, controlling the Presidency, Senate and House while Conservatives dominate the Supreme Court.

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