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Walking in the Footsteps of Argonauts Leads to Sierra Gold!

PLP Update October 2022

Crumbiest October Venture in ( near ) Downieville, CA

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Gold Placers of Nevada

Return to Green Valley

A Day with Friends in the Ord Mining District Southern California

Proven to catch the finest gold!

Record Those Indicators

Metal Detecting Tips & Tricks from the Pros

Blast From the Past

Amateur Miner Tells of Gold Mining Adventures in Plumas - ICMJ December 1940

How to Stay Safe While Prospecting

The most sensitive gold probe available!

Fight for Public Lands in the Eagle Mountains of the Mojave Desert

Fight for Public Lands in the Eagle Mountains of the Mojave Desert

By Greg Herring


Bawl Mill

March 2023

Legislative Update

International Regulations On Seabed Mining To Be Issued This Year

The BEST Mining Group - and we SELL CLAIMS TOO!

Blast From the Past - May 1961 Dedicated To The Stories Of Mining

Santa Cruz Beach, California MacLaughlin Mansion Linked To A $12,000,000 Feather River Gold Project

ICMJ Visits Grass Valley, California

March 2023

Blast From the Past - September 1950

The Different Attitude of Two Presidents to the West

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PLP Update

Happy New Year! 
The New 2023 PLP Guide Cards Are Now Available!

Geology of Placer Deposits: Reading a River

The exact point where you choose to dig for gold makes all the difference in the world.

Grass Valley, Nevada City, Malakoff Diggings, Northern California

The early miners sought their wealth in the creeks and rivers of the area but the true wealth was discovered by accident.


Let Nature Help

You’re out in the goldfields and searching for a spot that will possibly give up a gold nugget.

Electronic Prospecting: The Hunt for Coarse Gold

Standing on the edge of the canyon just after daybreak, I was filled with equal measures of excitement and trepidation.


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