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PLP Update March 2023

PLP's Quartzsite Roundup and New News

Chasing Those Crumbs

Dont Stop Learning

Small-scale and commercial suction gold dredges.

Metal Detecting Adventure Leads To First Nugget Of 2023!

ICMJ Visits Virginia City, Nevada

PLP Update September 2023

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Over the Divide

Steve Wandt: Veteran, Patriot, Prospector's Jeweler, Friend


Summertime Gold! Northern & Southern California

Half Moons

Serving Professional and Recreational Prospectors since 1979

Connecting With The Past With Gold Rush Coins

Formation of Gold Deposits in the South Eastern United States

Exploration, Frustration & Extreme Heat In Pursuit Of Forresthill Gold!

The BEST Mining Group - and we SELL CLAIMS TOO!

Legislation and Regulation

Amendment to Deny Funding of BLM Land-Grab

The Bawl Mill

Fact Check

Resurrecting a Hardrock Mine:

The Millsite Finally Roars to Life!

Get the pitch correct on your sluice box!

More about Indicators

Gold And Snow What A Blast!

More Desert Adventures in the Historic Rand Mining District, Southern California

PLP Update April 2023


Hardrock 101

Scaling and Hazard Rock

Prospecting Theory: Refine Your Search For The Best Gold


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