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Locating Intrusions in Host

Resource Maven Independent Analysis of the Resource Markets

PLP Update

Fight for Public Lands in the Eagle Mountains of the Mojave Desert

Home of the Original Gold Claimer

Naked Gun And Two-Gun Pete

News from the Historic Rand Mining district in Southern California

The Quest For Yankee Jim's Gold

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How to Rebuild a Rock Drill

The Idaho Gamble Part IV

Legislation and Regulation

Exploring Environmental Regulations and the Expansion of the EPA

Serving Professional and Recreational Prospectors since 1979

The Bawl Mill

Resource Maven Independent Analysis of the Resource Markets

Walking in the Footsteps of Argonauts Leads to Sierra Gold!

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PLP Update October 2022

Crumbiest October Venture in ( near ) Downieville, CA

Gold Placers of Nevada

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Return to Green Valley

A Day with Friends in the Ord Mining District Southern California

Record Those Indicators

Metal Detecting Tips & Tricks from the Pros


Blast From the Past

Amateur Miner Tells of Gold Mining Adventures in Plumas - ICMJ December 1940

How to Stay Safe While Prospecting


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