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Strike and Dip for the Prospector

Getting Skunked, but Having Fun!

Encouraging the New Prospector

Lazy Day Gold

The BEST Bundle Package and FREE Field Instruction!

Blast From the Past

Dredging Up a Paystreak - August 1983

The Struggle is Real

The Bawl Mill

Pentagon Debuts Its New Stealth Bomber, the B-21 Raider

GOLD SCREW - Process concentrates better and faster!

PLP Update

Time To Head To Quartzsite

ICMJ Visits Colfax, California

When What You Are Told Becomes Information

Serving Professional and Recreational Prospectors since 1979

Golden Indicators

JoJo's Seahorse

Explosives delivery Goes Wrong at Australian Mine

On October 24th, 2022, a Massive Explosion Occurred in Western Australia, About 600 Miles From Perth.

The BEST Mining Group - and we SELL CLAIMS TOO!

Time For Some Desert Gold!

A Serious Discussion on Prospecting in Arid Environments. Part 1

Lost and Undiscovered Gold Mines of the East: Why Research is Key!

Stories of Nuggets

Legislative Update

Biden Administration Announces "The Final Rule" on WOTUS

Buy direct and save $$!

Downieville Gold Rush Days

A Note Regarding The 2023 Gold Summit 

The Bawl Mill

9 crazy Examples of Government Waste in 2022

Resource Maven Independent Analysis of the Resource Markets


Better Worse: More Boo-Boo's - Part 3

Accelerated ATV Unloading Methods

Time For Some Desert Gold!

A Serious Discussion on Prospecting in Arid Environments. Part 2


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