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September 2003 (Vol. 73, No. 1) $3.25

  • The Bawl Mill

    • What's that smell?
    • Third time is not a charm...
    • As old as the hills...really
    • "Governor Sure"
    • $500,000 + a trip to Greece + one renovation = how many teaching jobs?
  • Legislative and Regulatory Update

    • Small miners can join bonding pool in Alaska
    • Comments needed for diesel particulate matter proposed rule
    • Administration asks Supreme Court to review wilderness ruling
    • Bush selects Utah Governor as next EPA chief
  • Klondike Gold

    Rich placer gold deposits were found in the Klondike district of Yukon in 1896, and a wild gold rush ensued. The district is east and southeast of Dawson (pop. 1,300), mostly along Bonanza and Hunker Creeks, and their tributaries.
  • State Rivers Closed to Prospecting in Washington

    The Washington Department of Natural Resources appeared at a recent dredge rally near Oroville to announce the closure of all state-owned aquatic lands to prospecting.
  • A Guide to Overlooked Gold Deposits—Part I

    Most gold guidebooks just give a brief description of the geology of placers and focus more on the equipment and techniques used to recover placer gold or to metal detect for gold. This article hopes to stimulate your interest in a different direction.
  • The Montezuma Quadrangle, Summit County, Colorado

    The Montezuma mining district of Summit County, Colorado, is a rugged, structurally complex area of the Rocky Mountains. Home to the first silver claim in Colorado, the Montezuma district hosts stockwork gold deposits, disseminated molybdenum, and abundant silver-bismuth veins.
  • Looking for Gold in British Columbia

    Mother lodes and placers get found, finds become prospector’s stories, stories become legends, legends become myths, and myths become the fodder for armchair prospectors and daydreams. Over the decades, the Canadian province of British Columbia has had more than its share of legends and myths ascribed to it.
  • The Reynolds (Star) Gold Mine

    The Reynolds gold mine is located approximately 6 miles northeast of the town of Troy, North Carolina, the county seat of Montgomery County. According to old reports, the mine was discovered around 1800. Production reports from the mine are sketchy, but mention the occurrence of telluride minerals associated with the gold. Early work was apparently confined to a number of quartz veins that traverse the property in a northeasterly direction.
  • Picks & Pans: Sniping for Low Stream Gold

    In southwestern Canada a couple of summers ago, the weather was extremely dry. So dry in fact, that some of the streams were at lows not seen in many decades. The wonderful advantage for sniping in the following fall was that...
  • Company Notes

    • NovaGold Resources
    • Golden Star Resources
    • SearchGold Resources
    • Ivanhoe Mines
    • Canyon Resources Corp.
  • Why Do We Do The Things We Do?

    For years I had studied the tempting bench high above the East Fork of the San Gabriel River. A beautiful 20-foot vertical wall of encrusted boulders, cobbles and gravels beckoned to me 100 to 150 yards up a steep slope from the river bed. They were all very promising material. The kind of rounded curves that can charm so well, and tease a grown man into risking life and limb. So, on that nearly fatal day in May, I packed a spiral wheel...
  • Gallium and Germanium in Utah

    The high-tech industries are making use of a number of so-called “minor” metals, many of which are obtained as byproducts of copper, lead, or zinc mining. Some of the minor metals have properties that are ideal for certain applications and, in some cases, advancements in technology are being held back because of a shortage of the metals.
  • Melman on Gold & Silver

    After months of war news, rising unemployment, declining economic activity and heightened world tensions, the news background took a decided turn for the better last month—at least on the surface. The war in Iraq has died down to only an occasional moderate outburst. Tensions between Israel and its Palestinian neighbors appear to be on the decline. New unemployment claims have fallen and...
  • Mining Stock Quotes and Mineral & Metal Prices

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