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January 2012 (Vol. 81, No. 5) $3.75

  • The Bawl Mill

    The sky is falling...
    Unwanted money...
    Snow cones for safety
    The rules are changing
  • Southwest Alaska Gold Project Progresses

    NovaGold Resources Inc. announced that a gold prospect in southwest Alaska is ready to advance to permitting.
  • Good Assays and Bad

    The high prices for gold and silver are exciting and certainly have revolutionized the prospecting and mining scene. New interest in gold and silver mining is springing up from every corner, from individual prospectors armed with gold pans to exploration and mining companies working to set up multimillion dollar commercial operations producing hundreds of thousands of ounces per year. The idea of getting riches from rocks is one that motivates a lot of folks all over the globe. It’s an exciting time, but this excitement brings out another side...
  • Where to Find Gold in Indiana—Part II

    Part I of the article addressed modern placer gold deposits. This second installment will address “ancient” flood deposits.
  • Legislative and Regulatory Update

    • IBLA rules against miner for "late" filing
    • Wyoming appeals roadless decision
    • Mercury reduction program slated for California
    • Oregon wilderness
    • Oregon miner prevails in lawsuit against Forest Service and District Ranger
    • Canada pulls out of Kyoto Climate Treaty
  • Who is a Qualified Person?

    So you think you have an ore deposit? The work has been long and hard, but there are a few drill holes, lots of samples and assays. The data is in a reliable computer and there may be a mine at the end of the tunnel. What is the likelihood of a profitable operation? Can you raise capital for development or exploration?
  • Time Well Spent

    Time is a commodity which if traded would dwarf the price of gold. Nobody has enough of it; we can’t make more of it; and whether squandered or spent wisely, once gone, it’s gone forever. To find gold we have to spend time.
  • Reality of the Klondike

    I saw gold this summer. The kind of gold that I haven’t seen since ‘81. The kind of gold that rattles in the pan. The kind of gold that would start a stampede—even in 1898.
  • NWMA Show

    Every year the Northwest Mining Association holds an industry trade show. Many vendors are on hand, and there are many presentations given. With thousands of folks in attendance it’s not hard to get a pulse on what is happening in the mining industry.
  • River Dredging vs. Creek Dredging—Part II

    While river dredging in fast water, don’t be afraid of being swept out of your dredge hole by the current. If this happens—and it most certainly will in fast water—there is no need to panic. Don’t try to swim against the current because you will waste much energy in an effort to conquer the river. Just let it take you downstream.
  • Pot Hole Gold

    It was early in the 2008 season on the Mokelumne River near Pine Grove, California. Considering the potential for high water through the month of June, my wife Fran and I set our sights on investigating some of the pot holes in...
  • Melman on Gold & Silver

    There is little question that the crisis in Europe completely dominated world financial headlines last month. We saw nations such as Finland, Austria, France, Belgium and Hungary, which had previously appeared untouched by developments, suddenly become vulnerable to higher domestic interest rates.
  • Mining Stock Quotes and Mineral & Metal Prices

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