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Ask The Experts - Can GPR be used for lode prospecting?

Ask The Experts - How do I extract gold from pyrite?

Ask The Experts - Should I dig faint sounds with no indicator bars while detecting?

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Ask The Experts - Should the detector sound on iron and nickel in a gold area?

Ask The Experts - What’s the status of suction gold dredge permitting in California?

Ask The Experts - How do I properly and safely dispose of blasting caps?

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Ask The Experts - How much silver per ton does it take to make a mine profitable?

Ask The Experts - How clean do my gold concentrates need to be to pour a gold button or bar?

Ask The Experts - What is the name and model of the old jaw crusher pictured in last month’s issue?

Renocell direct eletrowinning systems

Ask The Experts - What does a prospector look for when seeking ores?

Ask The Experts - Is a detector any good at discriminating pyrite or chalcopyrite in ferrous-reject mode?

Ask The Experts - Does the Journal know if any gold mining has been shut down over the Covid-19 virus?

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Ask The Experts - Is this a promising assay?

Ask The Experts - How do you utilize magnets in your prospecting equipment?

Ask The Experts - Is using hydrogen peroxide a good indicator for PGMs?

Get the pitch correct on your sluice box!

Ask The Experts - Investing: How do you know which companies have potential?

Ask The Experts -- How do I find the owners of patented property?

Ask The Experts -- Is it worth going after these rare earth minerals?


Ask The Experts -- Will a land mine detector work for gold?

Ask The Experts - Can you explain how caliche forms?


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