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What? How? When? Where?

Ask The Experts - Geophysics or drilling? Which is best for this project?

Ask The Experts - How closely are black sand and gold related?

Ask The Experts - Will a rare earth magnet work for finding gold deposits?

Your Sonic Drilling Partner-As seen on GOLD RUSH

Ask The Experts - Any at home tests for platinum/palladium?

Ask The Experts - Should I use headphones or go without?

Ask The Experts - What is “flotation” and what type of assay do I need?

Proven to catch the finest gold!

Ask The Experts - Easier way to break down compacted clays?

Ask The Experts - Is there gold under the old cobble piles?

Ask The Experts - Can you help me understand the gold deposition in this area of Wyoming?

Sonic Concentrator--Advanced Concentration Technology

Ask The Experts - Is the trumpet plant a good indicator of minerals?

Ask The Experts - Why won’t my detector respond on wire gold?

Ask The Experts - Should I be able to locate gold near old volcanoes?

Professionally engineered picks for prospectors, miners & treasure hunters

Ask The Experts - Would a platinum nugget contain all the PGMs?

Ask The Experts - Can you clarify how many minerals I need to identify to be successful?

Ask The Experts - Were there any productive mines where there were no contacts?

Get the pitch correct on your sluice box!

Ask The Experts - Are pulse induction detectors the right tech for gold?

Ask The Experts - Why can’t I find gold with my detector?

Ask The Experts - Are two rock crushing machines (jaw crusher and chain crusher) necessary?


Ask The Experts - Why am I finding only coarse gold, not fines in this area?

Ask The Experts - Is the amount of gold reserves claimed by mining companies real or just hype?


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