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Mining Summit

2011 Gold Prospecting & Mining Summit April 23-25 in Placerville

Updated 3-16-2011
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April 23-25, 2011
El Dorado Co. Fairgrounds, Placerville, California

Expert Instruction • The Latest Equipment

Exhibitors confirmed as of March 16, 2011:

   A&B Prospecting Supplies
   AAA Mfg (IRD Jigs)
   AAA Precious Metals
   Advanced Geologic
   Ancient Gold Jewelers
   Barrington Enterprises
   Bazooka Gold
   Bucket Digger
   Gold Country Treasure Seekers
   Gold Dredge Builders Warehouse
   Gold Pan California
   Gold Silver Enterprises
   Goldfield International
   Gould Engineering
   ICMJs Prospecting and Mining Journal
   Jim's Metal Detectors
   Jobe Wholesale
   Leonard Melman
   MGM Enterprises
   Mineral Enterprises
   Mother Lode Goldhounds
   Original Sixteen to One Mine
   Pioneer-Motherlode Mining Supplies
   Placerville Polaris & Power Tools
   Public Lands for the People
   Pro-Gold Prospecting
   Roaring Camp Mining Co.
   Rodgers Detector Sales
   Rusty's Gold & Treasure Hunting Supply
   Van's Gold Nuggets
   Vcella Kilns
   Vigilante Mining

Our Speakers:
•    Leonard Melman has been analyzing gold and precious metal markets for ICMJ’s Prospecting and Mining Journal for over 25 years in his monthly column, Melman on Gold & Silver. He is a former commodities trader, and recently authored his first book, Reversing The Way In.
•    Don Robinson is a Senior Writer for ICMJ’s Prospecting and Mining Journal, and the President and Founder of Mother Lode Goldhounds.
•    Professor George Wheeldon is currently teaching “Mining History of the Motherlode” at Placerville’s Folsom Lake College. He has too many awards to mention!
•    Kevin Hoagland is an avid detectorist and director of partner development for Minelab metal detectors.
•    Chris Ralph joined ICMJ’s Prospecting and Mining Journal as Associate Editor in 2008. He has a degree in Mining Engineering from the Mackay School of Mines in Reno, and prior experience with precious metal mining companies conducting both surface and underground operations.

Lecture Schedule for Saturday, April 23, 2011
11am How to Locate a Promising Location for Gold Prospecting Don Robinson
Noon Gold & Precious Metals Markets Leonard Melman
1pm Gold Deposits in Tertiary Gravels Professor George Wheeldon
2pm Basic Gold Prospecting Chris Ralph
3pm Staking and Holding Mining Claims Chris Ralph
Lecture Schedule for Sunday, April 24, 2011
11am Mineral Identification Chris Ralph
Noon Gold in California & Nevada Chris Ralph
1pm Using a Detector to Find Gold -- Part I Kevin Hoagland
2pm Using a Detector to Find Gold -- Part II Chris Ralph
3pm Current Regulations TBA

Schedule for Hands -On Training, April 25, 2011:
   8:30-4pm at a private mining property in Iowa Hill
   • See how to correctly set up a commercial placer operation
   • Highbanking and drywashing equipment & instruction available
   • Instructors will be present to teach you how to metal detect for gold
   • Keep any gold you find!

Printable Information and Schedule:
   General Information for Attendees
       (Includes times, dates, locations, local hotels,
       training day information, lecture schedule, RV camping info, more...)
      Pre-registration is now available!!!

Exhibitor Information:
   Exhibitor Packet (8-page pdf, 1.5Mb)

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Our Readers Say

I really learned a lot from your step-by-step presentation and our "hands-on" observation of all the steps involved in mining...

Our Readers Say

Comments Regarding our Gold Prospecting and Mining Summit in mid-May...
"What you did for us was very special...."
"Your patience with all of us is to be commended..."
"I learned a lot and hope to be back again next year...."

Another Successful Gold Prospecting and Mining Summit

Chad Lewis of Sacramento got into a good bedrock seam on Monday and was pulling out small chunks of bedrock with embedded gold from he lower pit. Mark Dayton of El Dorado was about ten yards away on the same line, but his spot had some visible quartz mixed in.

2011 Gold Prospecting & Mining Summit April 23-25 in Placerville

Expert Instruction • The Latest Equipment
The Event of 2011 You Don't Want to Miss!

ICMJ Gold Prospecting and Mining Summit Postponed

Gold Prospecting & Mining Summit Exceeds Expectations

Brian...had cleared off some virgin, gold-bearing bedrock areas prior to our arrival, so everyone had ample opportunity to find and take home some gold.

Gold Prospecting and Mining Summit

We have tentatively scheduled a date for next year’s show and we want you to know it’s not going to be on Easter weekend!

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