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Metal Detecting Adventure Leads To First Nugget Of 2023!

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Summertime Gold! Northern & Southern California

Half Moons

Connecting With The Past With Gold Rush Coins

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Formation of Gold Deposits in the South Eastern United States

Exploration, Frustration & Extreme Heat In Pursuit Of Forresthill Gold!

Resurrecting a Hardrock Mine:

The Millsite Finally Roars to Life!

We have all the equipment you need! PLUS, Help us name our Fluorescent Mineral Shaft and win some PAYDIRT! Call for details!!

More about Indicators

Gold And Snow What A Blast!

More Desert Adventures in the Historic Rand Mining District, Southern California

Hardrock 101

Scaling and Hazard Rock

Charles P. Watson, Chief Geologist

Prospecting Theory: Refine Your Search For The Best Gold

Taking Advantage of the Desert Rains

The Big Picture

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High and Dry: Tips for Prospecting Hillside Deposits

The Idaho Gamble Part 1

ICMJ Visits Sonora, CA


Underground Blasting at a Gold Mine. '3...2...1...Fire in the Hole!'

Havin' Fun at the Uranium and Gold Mines


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