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B-70 MIFCO furnace and pouring system consisting of B-70 furnace and blower, 5’x9’ hood with 20 foot tall chimney and 1HP exhaust fan, crucible extraction tongs, pouring table, molds and tools.  --  $20,000

Thum cell electrolytic silver refining system 1,000 ounce per day with power supply and cables. Shown in October 2018 ICMJ. Comes with electrolyte dissolver, Crystal cleaning station, silver crystal drying oven. We have enough spare parts to make 3 cells.  --  $25,000 each

Chemical fume hood on stand, 4 foot wide, with 3/16 thick safety glass front sash and exhaust fan. Excellent condition—no rust. Alberine stone working surface. We have 2.  --  $2,500 each

Mettler AE160 Laboratory balance, capacity 75 grams, accuracy 1/10 mg. reads 4 places to right of decimal. Professionally calibrated May 2021.  --  $1,500.

Sweco 4-foot diameter 3 deck sieve with 6 spare sieves.  --  $9,500.

Lightnin mixers, air operated, with 4’shafts and 3” props. We have 4.  --  $1,000 each 

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