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Gold Prospecting for Better or Worse: Golden Memories

March 2022 by Dan

One time, while I was camping at Forks of Butte in Northern California with the family, I found a nice nugget, some chunky flakes and pickers while I was sniping. I told my beautiful daughter Romie that I was going to give her the nugget as a gift to keep for memories of all of us camping there.

Well, while we were packing up, my wife called for me to help her with something, so I set the pan containing the gold down, off to the side of the parking area. I helped her out, we finished packing and I drove off... leaving the gold there like a dope! I didn’t realize my blunder until many hours later when we arrived home.

I was so ticked off that I paid my worker to watch my shop the next day, which was on a Monday, just so I could drive all the way back up north to get that gold. I finally arrived there hours later, only to find that someone had found the gold and happily took it with them.

I did all the work—they got all the gold.

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