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November 2002 (Vol. 72, No. 3) $3.25

  • The Bawl Mill

    • “Dole”ing out spam
    • Martinis with the Mayor
    • FBI is afraid of a mouse
    • Politically and fashionably correct
  • Our Readers Say

    • “...especially fond of the articles written by Dan Hausel”
    • “You are for the serious miner!”
    • “I’ve learned so much.”
  • Legislative and Regulatory Update

    • "Scared" Indian sites and Glamis gold
    • Regulatory Flexibility Act
    • Miner Acquitted
    • Environmentalists at it again in Oregon
    • Miner owners want high court to overturn ruling
    • More of the same from the EPA
  • Lamproites and Diamonds

    Most prospectors are aware that diamonds are sometimes found in kimberlite, but few are aware that diamonds are also found in another rock type known as lamproite. Lamproite is a very rare volcanic rock that often...
  • Working the Belmont Mine, Butte, Montana—1953 (Part 2)

    During the two weeks that Jack had been hanging around the dump, no more than a dozen words had passed between us. As far as I knew, he didn’t know any more about me than I did about him. Consequently, I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard Jack ask, “Would you like to come and work with me?”
  • A Real Placer Miner

    So you think you know a lot about placer mining? Well let me tell you about a placer miner that has forgotten more about placer mining than you and I will ever learn in our lifetimes.
  • Mojave Desert Gold

    The Mojave Desert is located in southeastern California, southern Nevada, western Arizona, and northern Sonora. Geologically, its western boundary is marked by the San Andreas and Garlock faults, but elsewhere, the boundaries are...
  • Miner Unhappy After Judge Dismisses Charges

    Don Eno, a well-known miner and prospector in Plumas National Forest, is the Public Affairs Director of the Lost Sierra Mining & Historical Association and the Northern Office for Public Lands for the People (PLP). He was issued a citation for violating Forest Order 03-98—“camping for longer than 30 days per calendar year...”
  • Picks & Pans: Fig Tree, Grape Vine and Good Gold

    The south fork of the Yuba River was still too high to cross safely on the first day of the dredging season for 2002, but Leon was able to use this condition to his advantage. He dredged high on the bank where big dredges would not go and produced...
  • Sluicing on Bedrock

    My head nearly scraped the caribou horns that hung above the doorway of the old tarpaper cabin I would call home for a few days. The cabin was originally built in the early 1930s and had been dragged about 200 yards across the valley to...
  • Sandstone Silver in Texas

    Sandstone silver deposits are found at several places near Van Horn, West Texas. The region is in the Basin Range province, which is characterized by low mountain ranges separated by broad desert valleys. Most of the region receives less than 10 inches of rain per year, barely enough to support scrubby desert vegetation. Van Horn (Pop. 3,000) is 121 miles, by highway, east of El Paso.
  • A Few Prospecting Notes From Jim Straight

    The article that appeared in the October 2002 Issue of ICMJ, “Confessions of a Professional Nuggetshooter,” by Lunk, is an example of how to use a “deep-seeking-type” metal detector to lay down a grid pattern to “mine” eluvial placer gold after prospecting and finding the first nugget as the locus.
  • Explorers to Salvage Gold-Laden Ship

    A salvage company struck a 20-year deal with Britain to search for riches in the sunken warship HMS Sussex, which went down in 1694, laden with gold and silver.
  • Melman on Gold & Silver

    To paraphrase Shakespeare, “To war, or not to war, that is the question.” That was the question that dominated national and international headlines over the past month, at least those headlines that were not otherwise occupied by detailing information about one market collapse after another around the world. It is hard to know which was the more important story.
  • Mining Stock Quotes and Mineral & Metal Prices

  • Looking Back

    Excerpts from California Mining Journal, our original title, published 50 years ago this month.

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