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March 2001 (Vol. 70, No. 7) $3.25

  • The Bawl Mill

    • Thieves bag a golden frog in museum heist...or do they?
    • Aquarium workers ate protected sea turtle...
    • Woman entitled to sue over being called "Monica Lewinsky"
    • An Affair to Remember...
  • Our Readers Say

    “...a great article that answers many of my questions...”
    “I really appreciated reading the article about the Forty Mile operation...”
  • Gem Theft in Tucson

    Police are investigating the theft of five stones, valued by their owner at $128,000, from an exhibit at a Tucson gem show.The largest of the stones taken from the show was a 7-inch-tall pink tourmaline worth $85,000.
  • BLM 3809 Final Rule Implications

    Many readers of ICMJ have asked for more information regarding the BLM’s 3809 regulation changes that were pushed through just prior to the departure of the Clinton Administration.
  • Legislative and Regulatory Update

    • Bush puts Roadless Initiative on hold
    • SWANCC v. US Army Corps of Engineers
    • New Arizona monument added to lawsuit
    • Clinton's mining moratorium in Siskiyou may not last
    • County illegally used mining claims in land swap
    • Montana Governor asks new interior secretary to turn over mineral rights
    • Republican Representative from Nevada elevated to vice chairman on mining
  • Winter Dredging

    The Christmas and New Year holidays were over and thoughts were slowly returning to normal after the hectic holiday pace both at work and home. As the festivities died away, an old familiar urge began growing...
  • Selecting a Gold Recovery System

    Tabling and jigging are two relatively inexpensive methods of recovering the “free particle values” from the noble metal ores. However, not all ores contain their values as free particles. In fact, many gold ores contain appreciable amounts of “metallic gold salts,” some of which readily dissolve in the system water and continue to migrate right along with it.
  • Placer Diamonds in Venezuela

    A large number of gem and industrial grade placer diamonds have been found in or near a number of creeks and rivers in Venezuela. The area involved is in the southeastern parts...and is inhabited by fierce Yanomamo Indians.
  • Picks & Pans: Leon Always Finds the Most Gold

    Since 1986, I have spent the summer months camped out on a river, looking for gold. The summer of 2000 was no exception.
  • Company Notes

    • Royal Gold, Inc.
    • Placer Dome, Inc.
    • Homestake Mining Company
    • African Metals Corp.
    • Vista Gold Corp.
  • The Swift Shore Mine 1862—Present

    Michigan Bluff is an old mining town dating back to the 1850s. It is located in Placer County, about 25 miles northeast of Auburn, just past the town of Foresthill. It sits on the very edge of a mountain, with the Middle Fork of the American River flowing about 1200 feet lower at the bottom of the canyon.
  • Placer Gold in the Black Hills, South Dakota

    During the Indian Wars in 1874, General George Custer and his men camped on French Creek in the southern Black Hills, near the present site of Custer, South Dakota. Two of his men found placer gold in French Creek. Word got out, and before long, a party of prospectors arrived. However, the government had signed a treaty with the Sioux Indians to stay out of the Black Hills. This led to prospectors sneaking in and working creeks all over the region at their own risk.
  • Platinum and Diamond Discoveries Shine New Light on Historic Alaska Gold-Mining District

    A rush of platinum and diamond exploration projects and discoveries is generating renewed interest in the historic gold-producing region of the Yentna-Cache Creek District in south-central Alaska.
  • GATA Update

    GATA’s claims of gold market manipulation “were publicized by the South African press and were presented to important South African officials,” stated Murphy in a recent press release. Here are a few of the highlights:
  • Melman on Gold & Silver

    What a difference a little time makes. Just a few months ago the liberal left was celebrating one triumph after another. Tony Blair became Prime Minister of Britain, the Liberals won a resounding triumph in Canada and the left was rejoicing in a robust economic expansion under the leadership of President Clinton. But their theme song, “Happy Days Are Here Again,” has an empty ring now...
  • Mining Stock Quotes and Mineral & Metal Prices

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