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About Us » Writers » Thom Seal, PhD, PE
Thom Seal, PhD, PE
Dr. Seal is an associate professor in Mining-Mineral Processing-Extractive Metallurgy at the University of Nevada Reno, Mackay School of Earth Sciences and Engineering, and is a registered professional Mining-Mineral Process Engineer in Nevada.

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Articles by Thom Seal, PhD, PE
Wake Up Voters! Oregon SB 838 Study Group Update

They want to close our roads on public land (built by taxpayer funds) to keep us and our disabled veterans out. And it won’t stop with just mining.

October 2014 (Vol. 84, No. 2)
Refractory Gold Processing

After your excitement peaks when you first receive the high gold assay from the vein you just exposed, you ponder how you will extract and sell your gold. You will need to develop a flow sheet for your process to optimize your recovery and minimize your costs and permit requirements.

February 2013 (Vol. 82. No. 6)
Who is a Qualified Person?

So you think you have an ore deposit? The work has been long and hard, but there are a few drill holes, lots of samples and assays. The data is in a reliable computer and there may be a mine at the end of the tunnel. What is the likelihood of a profitable operation? Can you raise capital for development or exploration?

January 2012 (Vol. 81, No. 5)
Ask The Experts: How to remove precious metals from lead?

I have a large amount of precious metals, gold and silver, mixed in with lead. Cupelling is expensive. What method can I use to extract the gold and silver without cupelling?

August 2010 (Vol. 79, No. 12)