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About Us » Writers » Carl Brink
Carl Brink
Carl is a graduate gemologist of the Gemological Institute of America specializing in diamond exploration and ore processing, as well as rough diamond grading and evaluation, and he has worked in Africa, South America, Canada and the USA for a number of companies including The De Beers Group, BHP-Billiton, Newmont Mining Company and most recently, DiamonEx USA Ltd. He welcomes questions or comments via email.

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Articles by Carl Brink
Gold in Guyana—Part II: Process Optimization at Sacre Coeur Minerals' Lower Puruni Alluvial Mining Project

In Part Two of my two-part series I describe the mechanized alluvial gold mining operation on the lower Puruni River launched by Sacre Coeur Minerals in 2011.

August 2012 (Vol. 81, No. 12)
Gold in Guyana—Part I: Porknocking on the Puruni River Road

In part one of this two-part series on gold in Guyana, I describe artisanal mining efforts currently winning alluvial gold from small-scale placer operations located along the lower Puruni River and its tributaries.

July 2012 (Vol. 81, No. 11)
The Guaniamo Diamond Area, Venezuela—Part II

The apparent high grade of the ore deposits and the quality of the diamonds seem to clearly indicate that a profitable mining venture could be established on the kimberlite sills...

August 2010 (Vol. 79, No. 12)
The Guaniamo Diamond Region, Venezuela—Part I

The considerable richness of the gravels is shown by the fact that operators have successfully worked the same river sections for over 20 years.

July 2010 (Vol. 79, No. 11)