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Mike Lowen
Mike and his wife Ann are owners of the Mohave Mining Corporation in Oatman, Arizona which includes 25 deeded claims to a number of famous old gold mines from the turn of the century. These include the famous Hardy Mine located in the Black Mountains near Oatman and Kingman Arizona.

They finished building a new gold and silver mill in Sonora, Mexico, which began operations in early 2009.

Mike has compiled a photo journal of new and old Mexican mining operations. It can be viewed at www.sierra-silver.com

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Articles by Mike Lowen
In Pursuit of Gold & Silver in the Sierra Madres—Up and Running

The day has finally arrived. After five long years, much tribulation and many trial runs, today is to be a full day of production.

January 2010 (Vol. 79, No. 5)
In Pursuit of Gold & Silver in the Sierra Madres—The Plan

In my travels, and my experience with gravity tables, one thing has implanted itself in my mind. What about the tails?

September 2007 (Vol. 77, No. 1)
In Pursuit of Gold and Silver in the Sierra Madres—Buying the Pilot Mill

In 2005, my wife and I, along with our supervisor Horacio, made numerous business and supply trips from Arivechi, Sonora, to the capital of Sonora, Hermosillo. This is a distance of 135 miles along a very narrow paved mountain road.

July 2007 (Vol. 76, No. 11)
In Pursuit of Gold & Silver in the Sierra Madres—The Tejeda Mines

One of our claims, “concessions” in Spanish, lies atop a mountain approximately 15 miles Southwest of our Pueblo. It is reached by a dirt track that starts in Arivechi. We leave the Pueblo and drive up...

April 2007 (Vol. 76, No.8)
In Pursuit of Gold and Silver in the Sierra Madres—Purchasing Land in Mexico

My wife and I spent three years laying the groundwork to build a processing mill for gold, silver, lead and some zinc in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Northern Mexico, in the state of Sonora. In this installment, I describe how we purchased the land to build the new mill.

March 2007 (Vol. 76, No. 7)
In Pursuit of Gold and Silver in the Sierra Madres—Establishing a Mining Company in Mexico

My wife Ann and I moved three years ago to the Pueblo of Arivechi, Sonora, in order to be near the mining concessions we owned and to build a precious metals concentrating mill.

February 2007 (Vol. 76, No.6)
In Pursuit of Gold and Silver in the Sierra Madres

We have concessions high in the Occidental mountains to the west, while down near our pueblo we have begun construction of a mill to process the ore we will soon be mining. As I look around, our new shop with its adjoining wings...

January 2007 (Vol. 76, No. 5)