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The Magazine: February 2005 (Vol. 74, No. 6)
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February 2005 (Vol. 74, No. 6)

Table of Contents

The Bawl Mill
• Environmental solution becomes the problem
• How much money are you forfeiting?
• The unbearable snowman

by Scott Harn
Legislative and Regulatory Update
• Court says ESA listing bogus
• Comments needed for Idaho project
• Crown Resources finally receives patents
by Staff
Shortage of Mining Engineers Projected
As decade-high gold and silver prices spark a renewed interest in mining in the West, there are few mining education programs and fewer students earning mining engineering degrees due to two decades of decline in the US mining industry.
by John K. Wiley
Ex-MarketWatch Mining Promoter Settles Charges
Thom Calandra, well known for promoting mining companies and precious metals through CBSMarketWatch.com for the past several years, will pay over $540,000 to settle charges he used his investment newsletter to profit from stocks that he owned.
by Scott Harn
Carbonatites are rocks that formed from molten calcite or dolomite. The thought of calcite being molten lava is difficult to accept, but it was confirmed when it poured out of a vent in Tanzania in 1960.
by Edgar B. Heylmun, PhD
Sage-Grouse Listing Denied
The federal government decided not to add the greater sage-grouse to the list of endangered species. A listing would certainly have resulted in countless new restrictions across the Western states.
by Scott Harn
The Art of Finding Coarse Gold—Part III
In the first part of this article, we took a look at the special geology required to form coarse gold. In the second part, we looked at field examples of coarse gold occurrences and the geology of residual placers.
by Chris Ralph
Tongass Approves Kensington Mine Plan
Coeur Alaska’s plan to develop the Kensington gold mine and dispose of its tailings in a lake has been approved by the Tongass National Forest.
by Associated Press
PLP Interim Rule Raffle
The Forest Service issued an Interim Rule on July 9, 2004, to require a Notice of Intent or Plan for mining activities that cause little or no disturbance to public lands under Forest Service jurisdiction.
by Staff
California Miners Locate Rich Pocket of Specimen Gold
Over fifty pieces of dendritic gold, ranging from 1 gram up to 2.5 ounces, were recently discovered at a mine in the Allegheny Mining District in Northern California.
by Scott Harn
The Lucky Shot Mine
I hobbled around on the broken up, sorted rock pile. Watching where I stepped, I kept my eye open for quartz with a gray-blue color imbedded throughout the samples I picked up.
by Ron Wendt
BC Premier Heralds "Golden Decade" in Forestry and Mining
British Columbia is poised for a “golden decade” in forestry and mining, Premier Gordon Campbell says.
by Associated Press
Drywashing for Eluvial Gold in the Desert—Using a Portable Drywasher and Hand Tools
Often the gold being recovered by drywashing is too fine to be recovered by metal detecting. For every “detectable” nugget found, there could be hundreds of smaller flakes of non-detectable size. Thus, for those that “read the ground,” and snipe for areas of favorable placer concentration, drywashing will continue to be both an inexpensive...
by Jim Straight
Claim Filings Up in the Northwest
Higher gold prices have led to a doubling of mining claims in the past year in Oregon and Washington.
by Associated Press
Canadian Officials Foresee Little Impact From Mine
Canadian regulators said they have found no significant environmental impacts from a proposed British Columbia mine near the Alaska border.
by Associated Press
Coeur d'Alene Mines Sees Future in Bolivia
Coeur d’Alene Mines newest silver project has found a home in a historic Bolivian mining district.
The company will build a $135 million open-pit mine at the base of Cerro Rico, the “rich hill” that was the site of a 1545 silver strike.
by Associated Press
The Golden Highway—Nevada County
Highway 49—the “Golden Highway”—heads northeast out of Placer County into a stretch of Nevada County that is almost as busy as it was during the Gold Rush. The neighboring towns of Grass Valley and Nevada City are still booming—a beautiful location to live in the Sierra foothills.
by Frank Lorey III
Melman on Gold & Silver
Most American markets greeted the first few trading days of the new year with substantial selling. Compared to their 2004 year-end levels, by January 11, the Dow Jones Industrial Average had declined almost 300 points, the NASDAQ Composite had fallen from 2,185 to near 2,080 while the S&P 500 had dropped from 1,217 to 1,183.
by Leonard Melman
Mining Stock Quotes and Mineral & Metal Prices
by Staff
Looking Back
Excerpts from California Mining Journal, our original title, published 50 years ago this month.
by Scott Harn

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