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The Magazine: March 2011 (Vol. 80, No. 7)
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March 2011 (Vol. 80, No. 7)

Table of Contents

2011 Gold Prospecting & Mining Summit April 23-25 in Placerville
Expert Instruction • The Latest Equipment
The Event of 2011 You Don't Want to Miss!
by Scott Harn
The Bawl Mill
• He can manage the taxpayers' money, but not his own?
• Government debt to reach yet another milestone...
• Speaking of ObamaCare...

by Staff
So You Want To Be A Full-Time Prospector?
The high price of gold and the poor economic conditions here in the US have created an unusual situation—a large number of folks are thinking seriously about getting into prospecting and digging for gold on a full-time basis.
by Chris Ralph
Ask The Experts—Do I still have rights to this mining claim?
Q: Do I still have rights to this mining claim?
by Chris Ralph
Ask The Experts—What is a "closed" claim?
Q: I’ve been using a computer program that lists both active and closed mining claims. Can you tell me the definition of a closed claim and why they would be shown?
by Chris Ralph
Eastern Arizona: Gold and Base Metal Deposits Part II
In this review of precious and base metal deposits in Arizona, it is apparent that several significant mines and mineral deposits occur in eastern Arizona, and there is considerable potential for new discoveries.
by W. Dan Hausel
Legislative and Regulatory Update
• Idaho maintains control
• Enough wilderness already
• Restraining the EPA
• Republicans on the attack
• DOI requests hard rock royalty
• New Forest Service plans
• Bill supporting small miners
• New mercury emission regs
• Latest info on California suction dredging
by Scott Harn
Rediscovering Placerville, California Part II
To get to the gold, the miners had to remove the shale pieces and stack them on the sides while sluicing the remaining material through their boxes.
by Don Robinson
Prospecting With The Help of Fluvial Geomorphology
Quiz yourself about the stream in figure 5. Based on your previous knowledge of where gold is found in a stream and in this article, where do you think you will find the most gold?
by Jim Halloran
Oregon Anti-Dredging Bill
SB 765...would tax suction gold dredgers by charging a $50 annual fee for in-state dredgers and a whopping $2,500 fee for out-of-state dredgers for each county where the miner intends to dredge.
by Scott Harn
Mud Men: Pocket Miners of Southwest Oregon Part II
How many more clays seams lie adjacent to known shear zones and quartz veins in the pocket areas of southwestern Oregon?
by Tom Bohmker
Cue Resources Seeks Uranium in Paraguay
Cue’s recent development of the Yuty Project has coincided with growing strength in the general uranium market. The price for fuel-grade uranium has risen to above $70 per pound for the first time in several years...
by Leonard Melman
The Gold of Plumas de Oro
Their rewards were far better than they had anticipated, resulting in one of the best clean-ups they had ever seen.
by Tom Leftwich
Melman on Gold & Silver
...rising inflation has been perhaps the greatest single positive influence during past golden bull markets, and the fires of inflation, particularly those driven by rising food prices, do appear to be glowing ever brighter.
by Leonard Melman
Mining Stock Quotes and Mineral & Metal Prices
by Staff

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