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The Magazine: October 2008 (Vol. 78, No. 2)
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October 2008 (Vol. 78, No. 2)

Table of Contents

The Bawl Mill
• More like “upsetting” than offsetting...
• So, when is our first shareholder meeting?
• Government kicks a gift horse in the mouth...
• Will the real Barack Obama please step forward...

by Staff
Legislative and Regulatory Update
• Voters say "yes" to mining in Alaska
• Colorado cyanide ban case presented
• New small-scale regulations released in Washington State
• Colorado roadless areas
by Scott Harn
Dredging at Real Del Castillo, Baja
Suction gold dredging at Real Del Castillo, a remote and seldom visited old gold mining camp less than fifty miles north and east of Ensenada, Mexico.
by Walter L. Hunt
Finding Paystreak Gold With A Metal Detector
There is no question metal detectors can be used to find paystreaks, but the method I am going to describe may not be exactly the procedure some prospectors would expect.
by Chris Ralph
General Metals Continues Toward Production
Parent said that General Metals is moving toward initiating production at the earliest possible time. He noted that cooperation from Nevada regulatory authorities has been excellent...
by Leonard Melman
Cedar Rim Opal—Discovery of a Giant Opal Field
In 2003, I initiated field reconnaissance of an opal deposit at Cedar Rim in central Wyoming and was amazed at the size of this undocumented deposit located right in the middle of an oil and gas field...
by W. Dan Hausel
"I Got Dusted"
Out of the blue Archie mentioned, "I was dusted."  My dad misunderstood and thought Archie had developed silicosis, then known and feared as "miners lung."
by Jim Straight
The Trail of ‘98
On June 16, 1897, the steamer Excelsior cruised into San Francisco Bay, completing its long voyage from Alaska. While a ship arriving from the far north was not a particularly unusual event, this one heralded news of something truly big.
by Chris Ralph
Newmont Steps Up For Laid Off Workers
Newmont Mining Corp. covered the final uncashed paychecks of workers who were laid off in August from the Jerritt Canyon Mine by another mining outfit.
by Associated Press
Benton’s Rich Silver
Prospectors looking for the next Comstock Lode tried mining for silver in the Benton Hot Springs area in California in 1862. On a ridge southeast of the town, they found what they were looking for—rich hornsilver.
by Frank Lorey III
Gold Trader, Employee Charged with Wife’s Killing
A wealthy gold trader was charged with paying one of his workers to arrange the stabbing death of the businessman’s estranged wife...
by Associated Press
Is There A Gold Shortage?
Coin and bullion dealers confirmed in mid-August that the US Mint was refusing orders from dealers.
by Scott Harn
Wyoming Governor Pushes for Uranium Study Release
With energy companies clamoring to produce more uranium, Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthal is urging federal regulators not to delay release of an environmental study on in-situ mining.
by Associated Press
Melman on Gold & Silver
Given that every single forecast of the level of government bailouts has understated the problems and the money required for solving them, one can only wonder what really lies in store for the American taxpayer—and the US Dollar.
by Leonard Melman
Mining Stock Quotes and Mineral & Metal Prices
by Staff
California State Open and US National Gold Panning Championships
One hundred eighty-six panners went through a wild and woolly two days (August 30 & 31 in Foresthill, Calif.) to determine who had the bragging rights of being the best—at least for one year!
by Don Robinson

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