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The Magazine: October 2010 (Vol. 80, No. 2)
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October 2010 (Vol. 80, No. 2)

Table of Contents

The Bawl Mill
• A third political party is born
by Staff
Nevada Claim Holders Form Coalition
Unlike producing mines, exploration companies and claim holders owning non-producing claims are not reaping a windfall of increased profits from the recent high prices for precious metals and other raw materials.
by Chris Ralph
Legislative and Regulatory Update
• TMDLs in northern California
• Don't mess with Texas
• EPA and bonding
• Resources Coalition has input on proposed Washington State fees
by Scott Harn
How to Handle Claim Jumping
...what do you do when someone intentionally or continually takes gold or other precious metals from your claim?
by Scott Harn
The Bingham Canyon Copper Mine
While the current mine plans forecast an end of mining in about 2019, Bingham Canyons’ future remains bright. Company officials are looking at an expansion that, if approved, will extend the mine life until about 2036.
by Alan J. Chenworth
Prospecting My Way Across Australia Pt I
After contributing to the total, I am proud to claim my share of Ray’s patch. In total, we got almost an ounce of gold from the schist where it seems to have been formed.
by Fred Mason
Recreational Mining in the Cache Creek Mining District, Alaska
The mining district is more than 110 years old, but the two recreational mining areas are new. The State of Alaska designated the Petersville Recreational Mining Area within the past year and the Alaska Gold Mining Camp is not much older, so you can expect to find some unmined ground!
by Jim Halloran
The Jenkins Mine Project Pt III -- Site Selection
This sampling program was painfully tedious, and I’ve still got the calluses and embedded shovel splinters to prove it. But completing that testing program validated certain areas of the creek and eliminated others.
by David Shackleton
California and US Gold Panning Championships
The objective was to pan down all the material from the three-gallon bucket, extract the gold into a small vial, and then signal completion. Every lost flake added a five-minute penalty.
by Staff
Drywashing and Detecting for Gold
It’s important to pay attention to where you dig, because just like any placer, the gold in dry placers is concentrated in certain spots. This is especially true when you are testing and trying to determine the potential of a placer area. 
by Chris Ralph
Melman on Gold & Silver
Few young people growing up today realize the fact that for the majority of its existence, the United States of America was a creditor nation, not a debtor nation. Other countries were indebted to America, not the other way around. However, that began to change...
by Leonard Melman
Update: Public Lands for the People
by Scott Harn

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