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The Magazine: September 2010 (Vol. 80, No. 1)
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September 2010 (Vol. 80, No. 1)

Table of Contents

The Bawl Mill
• Pouring money down an artsy drain...
• Big government gets even bigger
• California leads the way...to financial ruin

by Staff
Alaska's Hope-Sunrise Mining District
Over 100 years of placer mining on the Kenai Peninsula has produced about 133,800 ounces of gold. Hard rock mines produced an additional 30,000 ounces. Suction dredging is currently the dominate mining method.
by Jim Halloran
Legislative and Regulatory Update
• Leaked documents show BLM’s true intentions
• New Oregon small-scale prospecting rules
by Scott Harn
Hardrock Mining Accidents Claim Four Lives
Hardrock mining in the US has been hit by a tragic streak of mining accidents in recent months.
by Scott Harn
Prospecting Old Tertiary Channels
The potential exists for small-scale placer mining in these pits using a trommel and sluice box or other similar types of equipment.
by Chris Ralph
The Jenkins Mine Project Pt II: Terrain and Map Study
I studied prominent terrain features and debris fields, located and followed high water lines and marked the newest flood lines left behind by the intense April storms.
by David Shackleton
Search Called Off for Missing Treasure Hunters
Treasure hunters have been looking for the Lost Dutchman mine for more than a century.
by Associated Press
Glacial Gold in the Midwest
Although the potential for fortunes to be made from the commercial mining of this rich glacial gravel conceivably exists, so far no large mining company has shown any serious interest in it.
by Chuck Lassiter
Hardrock Prospecting in El Dorado County, California
Three times we went back and finally found a clue. There was an old air shaft not far from the trail!
by Don Robinson
Gold & Silver of the Comstock Lode
There still remains some material in place along the lode that could be mined at high gold and silver prices.
by Chris Ralph
Melman on Gold & Silver
From the mining community’s point of view, it is important to stop the parade of complex laws and regulations that continue to interfere with huge segments of the economy. This gives the upcoming election even greater importance directly relating to our precious and base metals mining industries.
by Leonard Melman
Forest Service Pays Miners $245K for Unlawful Destruction of Mine
In July 2008, the Marstons filed an administrative claim alleging that when US Forest Service employees or their agents entered upon the Marstons’ claims and bulldozed the shaft and trenches, they engaged in unlawful trespass, negligently destroyed property, and committed a nuisance...
by William Perry Pendley

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