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The Magazine: July 2005 (Vol. 74, No. 11)
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July 2005 (Vol. 74, No. 11)

Table of Contents

The Bawl Mill
• Science fiction?
• It was just environmentally friendly landscaping...
• A very generous pension plan

by Staff
Our Readers Say
• Re: Jim Straight
• Re: The price of mercury
by Staff
Legislative and Regulatory Update
• Pombo to introduce ESA reform bill
• Utah addresses roadless areas
• Appeal by active duty soldier
by Scott Harn
The Montana Tunnels Discovery
Many prospectors and exploration teams deliberately avoid small tracts of land for various understandable reasons. However, in hopes that I might encourage some of my fellow prospectors to think more kindly of small tracts, I’d like to...
by Paul L. Jones
Spreading the Fever
Our staff recently introduced the entire student body at Twin Lakes Christian School in Aptos, California, to gold fever. More than a few seemed to catch it.
by Staff
Forest Service Final Rule—When is a Notice or Plan Required?
On June 6, 2005, the Forest Service published a Final Rule regarding section 36 of the Code of Federal Regulations Part 228 (36 CFR 228) titled, “Clarification as to When a Notice of Intent to Operate and/or Plan of Operation is Needed..."
by Scott Harn
Looking Back
Excerpts from California Mining Journal, our original title, published 50 years ago this month.
by Staff
New Regulations for Major Precious Metal Dealers
The Bush administration, in its latest effort to nab drug lords and terror financiers, will require major dealers in gold, diamonds and other precious metals and gems to set up comprehensive programs to combat money laundering, announced the Treasury Department.
by Associated Press
The Paradox Basin—Part I
In the four corners region of America there is a place—a very special place—called the Paradox Basin. It appears empty, but is quite full if you look at it from the correct perspective.
by Bill Rich
The Safety in Tax Deductions for Safety
The not-so-silent partner of every small or large mining operation and business, Uncle Sam, has quite a bit to say about how safe the operation should be and how it should operate safely. Although the government rarely funds the rules and regulations that businesses are required to comply with, some relief can often be found in our tax laws.
by Mark E. Battersby
Understanding and Evaluating Desert Mineralization for Nuggetshooters
The primary source of many dryplacers is from the weathering of small to large hardrock sulphide ledges to yield free-gold, soluble salts and iron oxides. Placer gold, both large and small nuggets, can be found from the top inch down...
by Jim Straight
A Search for Tantalum
It is likely that few tourists passing through the crowning glory of the Canadian Rocky Mountains in northeastern British Columbia would be aware that this spectacular region is the focal point of the search for one of earth’s most intriguing metals—tantalum.
by Leonard Melman
Copper is King in Arizona
After 11 years of delays, the US Department of Interior approved a land exchange that will allow Phelps Dodge to proceed with development of the Dos Pobres/San Juan copper deposits...
by Scott Harn
Mining Stock Quotes and Mineral & Metal Prices
by Staff
Melman on Gold & Silver
Sometime during the hippie days of the 1960s, the world became aware of the custom of chanting mantras. At that time, the favorite was the word “OM.” Well, the financial community seems to have recaptured the custom of chanting...
by Leonard Melman

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