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The Magazine: August 2006 (Vol. 75, No. 12)
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August 2006 (Vol. 75, No. 12)

Table of Contents

The Bawl Mill
• Beyond the call of duty
• May the best spouse win
• Dishonorable discharge

by Staff
Legislative and Regulatory Update
• Supreme Court muddies waterways
by Scott Harn
Microbes Play Role in Gold Creation
Researchers in Australia have uncovered evidence that a tiny microbe may have the Midas touch of Greek legend, capable of turning dust to gold.
by Associated Press
Osisko Exploration: Redeveloping the Historic Malartic Mining Camp
Quebec is known throughout Canada as “La Belle Provence”—The Beautiful Province. While eastern Quebec is better-known with major cities Montreal and Quebec City, the western portion is indeed a land of lakes, forests, streams and...
by Leonard Melman
Prospecting at Moore Creek
In recent years there has been something of a new form of tourism growing in Alaska. Several historically productive gold mines have created facilities to bring in prospectors and tourists to see and experience the remote gold...
by Chris Ralph
The Small Hardrock Mill—Part II
Welcome back to our mining claim. In part one we located our claim, sunk our shaft, and stored some ore in the ore bin. Now we must decide how we are going to extract the gold. We briefly discussed setting up a lab in a 40-foot semi-trailer at the mine site, so let’s decide what we are going to need in the lab.
by Del Thomas, ME
The Treasure Detective—Part II
GNIS is an acronym for the “Geographic Names Information Service” that is maintained by the United States Geological Survey. The database catalogs and standardizes place names in the United States. This information set has nearly 2,000,000...
by John Jones
2006 National Mining Hall of Fame Inductees
The four inductees are Earl H. Beistline (1916-Present), R. A. F. Penrose (1863-931), Robert M. Reininger (1912-2006), and John Stanton (1830-1906).
by Staff
The Fairbanks Goldfields
It was once said that the Fairbanks Mining District would probably not be much of a producer. The impact of this goldfield on the mining world of the north did not start with a bang. Rather, the participants of this gold rush more or less...
by Ron Wendt
Elections May Bring Rush to Republic of Congo
Elections in the Republic of Congo may bring a mining boom to a country that has been ravaged by wars and corruption.
by Associated Press
Melman on Gold & Silver
Any illusions that the world had become a safer place were certainly put into serious doubt by events over the past few weeks. During that time we have seen a major Israeli incursion into Gaza in retaliation for Hamas attacks on Israel, huge public demonstrations and accusations of fraud regarding the recent election in Mexico and, most recently, terrorist bombings in Mumbai (Bombay), India, which killed about two hundred people and seriously disrupted India’s financial center.
by Leonard Melman

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