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The Magazine: September 2009 (Vol. 79, No. 1)
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September 2009 (Vol. 79, No. 1)

Table of Contents

The Bawl Mill
• Feeding the addiction...
• Running on empty...
• Boxer may go down with the count

by Staff
Legislative and Regulatory Update
• Roadless Rule revisited
• Kensington finally gets stamp of approval
• Interior places restrictions on mining claims near Grand Canyon
by Scott Harn
Drive Under Way to Restore the Rights of Suction Dredgers
California Governor Schwarzenegger signed SB 670 on August 6, 2009, which temporarily halts suction dredging in California until a new Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is completed. This was despite a request from...
by Scott Harn
Interview With A Coho Salmon
We’ve obtained the rights to publish this exclusive interview conducted on the Klamath River between David, an environmental activist, and a Coho salmon.
by Scott Harn
Abbey Confirmed As BLM Director
Bob Abbey, former state director of the Bureau of Land Management in Nevada, was confirmed as national director of the agency.
by Associated Press
Gifts of Gold for University of Zimbabwe
Rege Podraza with gifts for Zimbabwe minersThe design of the makorokoza’s handmade wooden pans has not changed over the centuries. Until Rege introduced it to them they had seen nothing like a spiral wheel concentrator.
by Ann Kritzinger
Flood Stage—The Key to Reading a River
We knew what to do—we moved our project far enough from the river to escape the two hundred foot shoreline rule. If the old man had been right we could do this and still be over the loop of pay dirt.
by R. V. Larson
Noted Geologist Murdered in Kenya
Assailants armed with arrows, spears and machetes killed a Scottish-born geologist in an apparent dispute over mining rights in southeast Kenya.
by Associated Press
South Yuba River Recreational Area
Within 30 minutes, a nice, coarse nugget popped up right in the gold pan, and the rush was on! We worked hard for the entire day. Though some pans were not as good as others, the gold was good enough to...
by Don Robinson
Rio Employees Face Trade Secrets, Bribery Charges
China has formally arrested four employees of Anglo-Australian mining giant Rio Tinto Ltd. on charges of infringing trade secrets and bribery...
by Associated Press
Pocket Mining Potential in Nevada's East Humboldt Range
Since the cycle of water flow is dominated by excessive and sudden “gulley washers” after downpours typical of desert country, there is a tendency to spread gold values out in the alluvial fans and not have placer gold concentrations more typical of big river deposits.
by Tom Bohmker
Company Finds Gold in Wyoming’s Rattlesnake Hills
Wayne Sutherland, a metals, gemstones and economic geology specialist with the Wyoming State Geological Survey, said the initial exploration samples were significant.
by Associated Press
The Economic Impact of Suction Dredging in California
The 1994 Environmental Impact Report, along with additional information provided here, proves without a doubt that suction dredge miners contribute significant wealth to the economy of California.
by Scott Harn
Bucket Line Dredges
For many years, mechanical mining in waterways was seen as an impossibility by miners, especially in the Western US. The few dredges that had been tried at various locations were generally built on designs similar to those that had been used in harbor excavation work, but it was found that they were...
by Chris Ralph
Melman on Gold & Silver
...while the public appears sold on the idea of imminent recovery and government politicians continually issue statements in support of that concept, several responsible columnists have issued their own predictions, and they are hardly optimistic.
by Leonard Melman
Mining Stock Quotes and Mineral & Metal Prices
by Staff

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